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Westside Dermatology Review

Offering a wide range of dermatological treatments and skin improvement procedures, Westside Dermatology is a professional care centre in Brisbane. The skin professionals use a wide array of the most modern tools in order to provide impeccable care to each patient and depending on your skin priorities, it might be the premier location for you.

The Team:

Westside Dermatology has a team of seven certified dermatologists and one paediatric dermatologist, Dr. Belle Cominos, for younger patients. Additionally, there are three support nurses. Dr. Shobhan Monharon, a dermatologist consultant for L’Oreal Paris and Dr. David Lim, a specialist in laser technology, leads this dynamic team of skin care professionals.

The Services:

The dermatologists at Westside Dermatology are recognised for their talent with skin disorders and sunspots. Additionally, the team includes a paediatric dermatologist for younger patients. They also offer skin peels and laser treatment to reduce the risk of skin cancer and the look of sun damage. Picosure laser treatment is offered for tattoo removal as well as other laser treatments for improving signs of ageing and acne. Finally, more cosmetic procedures like hydrafacials and body contouring are also available at each location.

The Procedures:

All procedures at Westside Dermatology start with a complimentary consultation. Westside Dermatology take pride in providing individualised care for each patient and condition and provide recommendations for best results and long term improvements.

Attaining a consultation is sometimes difficult and patients should expect some wait for an appointment day. The dermatologists here are praised for their in-depth analysis and explanation of each option and procedure.

The Technology:

Both of the top doctors at Westside Dermatology specialise in laser skin treatment. They are well versed in the newest advances and the field and consult on everything from mole removal to anti-ageing treatments and everything in between. They offer the full gamut of fillers and injections as well but laser is the technology of choice for this treatment centre.

The Products:

Westside Dermatology comes highly recommended for top-end procedures and materials. The Westside Dermatology reviews online tout the level of consideration involved in cosmetic procedures such as botox, fillers and fillers for anti-ageing. While they offer the services for acne and rashes, temporary conditions are less frequently treated here. Before and after photos online allow for patients to see the positive results various patients have seen from many different treatments.

The considerations:

Westside Dermatology might be the right location for your skin improvement procedure if you are looking to improve your skin through laser technology or if you’re treating a cancer related condition. Their team of experts specialise in the most cutting edge laser technology to treat your individual needs. Additionally, if you are looking to incorporate multiple procedures at one location, Westside Dermatology includes various treatments and combines cosmetic and clinical treatments.

The Extra:

Westside Dermatology is also the first clinic to offer miradry paper for excessive sweating. They have recently published articles about this offering indicating their continued passion and commitment for treating a myriad of skin conditions.

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