Victorian Cosmetic Institute

The Victorian Cosmetic Institute Review

Specialising in both surgical and non-surgical options for skin improvement, Victorian Cosmetic Institute is a cosmetic enhancement clinic in Melbourne, Australia. This clinic promotes helping clients to uncover their beauty potential through individualised procedures and regimens. They offer a wide array of treatments for cosmetic enhancement and skin improvement.

The Professionals:

The team at Victorian Cosmetic Institute are committed to promoting positive change for every client. Their stated mission is, “to create positive changes in appearances and lives.” Leading the team is Dr. Natasha Moscato and eight cosmetic physicians. These physicians partner with three surgeons including Dr.Chan, a recognised specialist in fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments. Finally, Victorian Cosmetic Institute has a team of nurses and skin therapists trained and certified in various skin therapies and treatments. Victorian Cosmetic Institute reviews call this team of professionals “caring, welcoming and knowledgeable.”

Connecting and consulting:

Victorian Cosmetic Institute has four locations in the Melbourne area. However, their commitment to improving appearances also includes email, live chat and telephone options for connecting to consultants to help consider skin treatment options. Scheduling an in-person consultation is the best way to review potential skin improvement procedures and understand the various options available. There is also an online “treatment finder” tool to help clients explore available options.

Considering your options:

Victorian Cosmetic Institute offers a one-on-one consultation with an elite Patient Educator. This service is complimentary, non-committal and provided to new or existing patients. This is only a primary consultation to help arm you with significant information before your meet with a surgeon or skin care specialist. Additionally, consultations are a good way to learn about lifestyle and diet changes that can improve your skin and appearance.

Services Available:

Victorian Cosmetic Institute provides procedures for clients looking to improve the beauty in their skin. They specialise in ant-ageing procedures including fillers, injections, and contouring and surgical options. Additionally, the clinic has services for pigmentation and mole or bump removal. Laser treatments are also available for tattoo removal, hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Their extensive team of surgeons and practitioners make this location an ideal place for surgical procedures. The range of surgical procedures include lip enhancement, liposuction, nose improvement, facial fat transfer and other additional surgical enhancements.

The Ideal Spot:

Victorian Cosmetic Institute is a preferred location if the procedures you are looking to attain are primarily cosmetic enhancements. Their team includes practitioners and physicians that make various surgical enhancements available safely and for the best results. Additionally, patients trying to combine surgical and non-surgical enhancements will appreciate the various procedures available and combinations developed for individualised skin goals.

The Extra:

As a premier clinic in skin improvement services, Victorian Cosmetic Institute is committed to improving appearances and a little more. Victorian Cosmetic Institute promotes lavish skin care events for clients to learn about new technologies and procedures, mingle and drink and get to learn more about the clinic on a personal level. Most recently, they hosted a cocktail hour to discuss a new brand of dermal fillers.

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