Review of Luminique Skincare

Originally developed by an experienced plastic surgeon, the Luminique skincare brand actually claims to be the best alternative to going under the knife or using injections for reducing the look of skin ageing. Dr. Fiorillo partnered with Hydroxatone to create a skincare line that dramatically improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The brand is available online and claims to be the best skincare solution for the signs of ageing. The following review can help you decide if the Luminique skincare line might be right for you.

*Dr. Fiorillo also runs three medispas in the United States. This review does not pertain to those services but solely the Luminique skincare line.

Pros of Luminique Skincare

Quality Company:

Luminique products are all paraben free and the brand never tests on animals. Additionally, the company claims that all of the products have been clinically tested to be non-irritating. Some Luminique reviews have indicated some irritation as a result of product use but the clinical tests are promising.

Important Ingredients:

Luminique products like the age defying cream include vitamins E and A and SPF 15, which are important for protecting your skin from sun damage. Additionally, the Matrixyl 3000 includes components that should be collagen boosting and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. The blueberry and green tea extracts have antioxidants that promote health in your skin. Overall, the ingredients are approved for improving your skin.


In reality, the pricing of Luminique products really depends on what you choose to purchase and the frequency with which you apply the creams. Generally speaking, Luminique products fall into the mid-range cost category with some of the cleansers coming cheaper and some of the creams in the higher-end range. Additionally, most products claim to be safe to use throughout the day and multiple times and the more you apply, the more your buy. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee on all products ordered directly from the website.

Cons of Luminique Skincare

Mixed Reviews:

Luminiqe claims to use revolutionary science to improve skin appearance but many users were less than impressed with the results. While some saw improvement in their skin, many felt as though their money had been wasted. The age-defying complex is one product that exemplified this tendency. Some users claimed their skin was transformed and many others said the product was a moisturiser but that they saw little improvement to their wrinkles and fine lines. Some Luminiqe reviews also indicated that their skin was mildly irritated by the product.

The “not-so” free trial:

As with many skin care brands, Luminique offers a free trial of products that they claim is risk-free. Unfortunately, many reviewers reported being “tricked” by the company because they were immediately charged and sent products they neither requested nor wanted. Reviewers also said that they struggled to get the company to stop sending the product and one person even had to cancel a credit card in order to stop the “scam”.

Lackluster Feeling:

Most people who spend a significant amount on skin creams look to find something that makes them look good and feel good. Unfortunately, Luminique consumers often reported that the creams felt “cheap” or “simple”. This might be in part due to the mild nature of the products but the feel of their skin disappointed most users.

Product to try from Luminique

Luminique 90-second wrinkle reducer: This product comes with 30 packets in a box and claims to improve your skin in just 90 seconds of daily use. While the reviews are mixed, for traveling, on-the-go women, this product is a fan favourite.

Our final word on Luminique

While science and celebrity status might be behind this brand, the results are less than promising. If you’re looking for something new, this might be a direction to go and the products are milder for sensitive skin. Overall, we’re not impressed with the Luminique line.

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