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The Ella Rouge Review

With twenty-five locations in Sydney and Newcastle, Ella Rouge Skin Clinics are an extensive network of skincare professionals aiming to provide individual care and a myriad of skin related treatments. Ella Rouge is a franchise and each location has independent managers and specialists and a singular identity. However, many of the treatments, care expectations and products used are universal across the brand.

The History:

Originally family owned and operated, the first Ella Rouge location was opened in 1997. This clinic was the first to offer laser hair removal in all of Sydney. Manel Issa opened the first Ella Rouge Skin Clinic and still maintains a strong presence in the corporate office and product decisions. Ella Rouge Skin Clinics have since opened twenty-four additional locations, and have plans to continue to expand and are a trusted name in skincare for men and women.

The Locations:

Touted for state of the art technology, a commitment to hassle free service and well-maintained facilities, each Ella Rouge location strives to provide individual and innovative care to each client. Expertly trained skincare professionals staff each location and are committed to the Ella Rouge family and the best care of each client.

The Procedures:

Ella Rouge Skin Clinics offer a wide range of non-surgical skin improvements, laser treatments, filler injections, and hair removal. Additionally, each clinic has a menu of “beauty treatments” such as facials, chemical peels, and facial refreshers, spray tanning and ear piercing.

They also have a curated collection of beauty products to be recommended to pair with procedures.

In addition to these skincare procedures, Ella Rouge Skin Clinics also offer “gym programs”. These programs are twelve-month, pre-paid packages for rotating services. Clients appreciate the ability to make appointments and see the entire skincare regimen in one clinic visit.

The Products:

Ella Rouge uses natural-based products and chemical peels. Each product used is carefully curated and considered by the central corporate office team before being sent to the individual clinics. Some clinics prefer particular products or treatments but all have access to the same product lines, technology and training from the central corporate office.

The Pricing


Ella Rouge clinics offer a variety of competitive pricing options. They match pricing for skincare treatments IPL hair removal. They offer discounted prices for twelve-month skincare packages. Additionally various promotions are also included in the newsletter and online.

The Considerations:

Ella Rouge is a great one-stop shop for cosmetic non-surgical procedures. Clients can literally get a chemical peel, pick up moisturiser and have their leg hair removed while their daughter gets her ears pierced. Their convenient pricing and variability in procedures offer a unique service. The myriad of locations means there is variability from one location to another and service varies but it also means additional accessibility. Additionally, their technicians come from various backgrounds and are not solely certified nurses or doctors. Their beauty products and procedures are their primary work and many of their service providers attain alternative training and certification.

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