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Searching for the right dermatologist for your cosmetic and clinical needs can be daunting, particularly in large cities with many options. The Clinic, in Bondi Junction in Sydney, offers a myriad of skin related treatments at varying price ranges. Open on weekdays and some Saturdays, this location, also called Scott and Sullivan might be the place for your skincare treatments.

The Space:

The small team at The Clinic pays close attention to detail in your skincare and in their environment. They strive to make the space reflect how you will feel after a treatment: refreshed and alive. The space is clean and comfortable with a nod to the stylish co-directors. Despite the name “The Clinic”, the space feels more like a spa.

The Team:

Co-directed by Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan, this small office is staffed by only registered nurses and high qualified and trained skin specialists. Kaye Scott, originally from Ireland, is a registered nurse who specialises in Fraxel, IPL and skincare services. Australian fashion magazines often seek her skincare advice and expertise. Lisa Sullivan has built her career in surgical procedures, pharmaceuticals and now, non-surgical laser treatments. She specialises in dermal fillers and using muscle relaxants for anti-ageing treatments. She is recognised for using both the science and the art of skin improvement with her clients.

The Treatments:

The Clinic specialises in non-surgical skin improvement treatments. They are experts in dermal fillers and other injections as well as laser technology and chemical peels. They also offer a treatment using advanced radio wave technology called Pelleve, recognised for the long-term effects and continued skin improvement over time. The Clinic also employs non-invasive refreshment treatments like Intensed Pulse Light (IPL) and Thermage to improve the look and clarity of facial skin.

While the focus of The Clinic is anti-ageing treatments, they also have laser hair removal, lip enhancements and treatments for removing sun damage.

The Products:

In addition to their ever-developing list of products, creams and treatments, the team at The Clinic has also developed their own line of moisturisers and face washes and creams. These creams and serums have been recognised in fashion magazines and in the skincare industry. Fashion Blog, The Beauticate, called it the best new moisturiser of 2016.

The Clientele:

With celebrity and fashion industry fans, The Clinic is the premier location for those wanting to improve their skin without surgery. All of their procedures are done with a spa-like atmosphere by their team of registered nurses. Famous for their luxury peels (a Blueberry Smoothie anti-oxidant peel tops the list by customers) and skin refresher services, they have celebrity clients and long-time customers. Started in 2001, The Clinic has clients that have been returning for years to receive skin treatments.


Fashion icon, Pip Edwards, is a fan of The Clinic. She uses this location exclusively for her skincare treatments and refreshers.

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