The uRepublic Review

Respected as innovators in the skincare clinic industry, uRepublic is dedicated to expert service for every skin condition or consideration. The leader of uRepublic prides himself on the independent treatment of each patient and expects the same of his mostly medically trained staff. Armed with professional dermatologists and passionate skincare professionals, uRepublic is increasing its presence in the skincare industry.

The Team:

The leader of uRepublic is Dr. Adrian Lim, an Australian dermatology expert. His team of committed dermatologists and medical masters hail from universities all over Australia and are fellows in the various agencies and universities specialising in dermatology. The team also includes four registered nurses, a sonographer and a dermal therapist. Each member of the uRepublic team subscribes to learning about new technologies and treating each client as an individual.

The team of uRepublic also includes practicing dermatologists and laser specialists. This allows them to prescribe medications to support cosmetic treatments done at the clinic. Dr. Lim has strives to find professionals that compliment the talents and interests of each other. In this way, uRepublic can offer a specialist in every treatment type.

The Treatments:

The team at uRepublic is dedicated to bringing advanced and innovative skincare treatments to each client. The list of skin ailments treated at uRepublic ranges from spider veins and sunspots to wrinkles, ageing and acne to broken capillaries and excessive sweating and everything in-between. They promote a clinic that can meet the needs of every client with individualised care and top of the line products and technology.

Some of the methods used by uRepublic include: Fillers and injections for anti-ageing, laser technology for anti-ageing and hair removal, intense light pulsing (IPL) and chemical peels for refreshing and resurfacing, tattoo removal, and reshaping for face and body. The list of available procedures and products available continues to grow as the company continuously explores new opportunities for skin improvement. In 2015, uRepublic added two new methods for body reshaping, including the Ultraformer.

The Experience:

Dr. Adrian Lim and his team are committed to excellent service. They vow to never up-sell or pressure a client into treatments. Costs are detailed upfront in initial meetings without obligation. Each patient receives individual treatment services and consultations. Some come for just one main skin treatment and others are regular customers for recurring treatments.

Due to their commitment to innovation, this clinic offers treatments, products and technology not used in alternative clinics. Some clients receive multiple treatments in one appointment and the team works together to create client-friendly appointments at convenient times and considering multiple options.

The Considerations:

uRepublic is the choice for people looking for cosmetic improvements sans surgery but with innovation. The clinic consistently employs new technologies and products and provides individual care. It is preferred by those with experience in cosmetic skin care and looking for a highly trained and informed staff. The clinic is ten years old but includes younger staff members who are recognised for their energy and positive outlook on skin treatments. They have the most positive reviews online for their work with vein conditions and body contouring services.

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