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The Rationale Skincare Review

Rationale Skincare is a cosmeceutical company based in Australia and developing new and innovative skincare products to improve the signs of ageing. The line of products are available in their online store or in one of many Australia medispa locations. Originally, the products were only available with a prescription but have recently been more easily available. The brand touts the success of individual products and their famous regimen and this review can help your determine if this is the skincare brand for you.

Pros of Rationale Skincare

Professional Skincare Consultations


Rationale skincare provides and promotes free consultations for all potential clients. This can be done both online and in person at one of their clinics. This service helps customers get the right products for their skin the first time and thus helps prevent irritation as a result of experimentation. Rationale has clinics in most capital cities but there are also many other skincare clinics who stock their products which located in many parts of Australia.

Success of a Rationale Regimen:

Most skincare lines have produced a full regimen that works together to improve skin conditions effectively. Rationale followed suit and developed “The Essential Six”. This regimen has three products for day use and three for night and combats signs of ageing and common adverse skin conditions. The brand claims the regimen is perfectly balanced and that each of the six work in “synergy” for best results. The regimen lasts for about two months and comes at a high-end skincare price.

Quality Products:

All Rationale Skincare products are paraben-free and preservative-free. The brand never tests on animals and claims to never release a new product until they are 100% satisfied with the results and safety of the item. Rationale is committed to the best products and promoting individual use and unique solutions for every person.

Cons of Rationale Skincare

Initial negative response to products:

Many Rationale consumers indicated that their skin needed time to adapt to the products. Generally, they saw their skin become more flaky and dry as a result of using the products in the day and night kits. Some Rationale skincare reviews also reported redness and any itchy sensation after using the products. A significant amount of users saw these negative results subside after a few weeks but some discontinued their application because of the discomfort.

Only available from Rationale:

All Rationale products are only available directly from their website, the Rational clinics or from one of the clinics that stock their products. So, if you prefer to buy your skincare products from your local Sephora or Ulta, it’s not going to happen with this brand. This also means there are fewer third-party review sites to get a full picture of the results others have had with the product. Some users also felt like they were up-sold when they went a Rationale clinic to purchase products.


The cost of Rationale products is on the high-end of the skincare industry. Choosing to switch to this line is choosing to make an investment. Mixed results and irritation have kept many users from making the change because it isn’t worth it if you’re not likely to see positive results.

Product to try from Rationale Skincare

Rationale Skincare Essential Six Night Kit


This kit actually contains three products, not six. The full regimen includes three products for the morning and three for the evening. These kits are touted across the beauty review world but the night kit, in particular, has impressive results. The kit includes a cleanser and two serums for repairing damage and improving fine lines and wrinkles. The products last for about two months of nightly use. The cleanser prepares the skin and the serum does the actual repair work. Reviewers claim that originally their skin was a little dry from using the serum and many indicating a slight sting from one of the serums, but only for about ten seconds. Many reviewers were impressed with the dramatic improvement in their wrinkles.

Our final word on Rationale:

If it is a regimen you are looking for, this might be a great brand for you. “The essential six” has some of the best reviews online for a skincare regimen. However, if you can’t commit to using all the products everyday or if you are prone to irritation, we’d say you should proceed with caution.

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