Bellaplex Review: Is this the singular solution to skin ageing?

Unlike most skincare brands that promote a range of products for improving the look and feel of ageing skin, the Bellaplex brand is entered on one cream that they guarantee will reverse the signs of ageing. With ingredients like Matrixyl 3000, Bellaplex claims to increase collagen production to decrease the depth and volume of fine lines and wrinkles. The promises made by the brand feel almost too good to be true for one product to deliver a real skin solution and this review is designed to help you decide if Bellaplex might be the answer to your skin aging woes.

The positive aspects of Bellaplex cream


Bellaplex cream is reasonably priced for a one-product fix-all. In the skincare realm, the price tag sits around the midrange for a product that can be used daily and last over a month. Additionally, if it could truly replace much of most skincare regimens, it could save us all a lot.

Active Ingredients:

The three main ingredients in Bellaplex are Matrxyl 3000, Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid. All of these components are proven to improve the signs of ageing and boost collagen production and are used in high concentrate in the Bellaplex cream. These proven ingredients are also found in other skincare products.

One product for all:

Most skincare brands are selling and up-selling customers on a myriad of products for various ailments to use at different times of the year. Bellaplex is one product looking to solve one of the biggest skincare complaints: fine lines and wrinkles. Many consumers reported an interest and intrigue with the brand because they were tired of costly and time-consuming skincare routines and liked the solitary product.

The negative points on Bellaplex cream

Sensitive Skin Sufferers Beware:

As is common with products that are meant for the masses and don’t consider individual needs, reviewers with sensitive skin saw negative reactions to using the Bellaplex cream. In the most extreme cases, some Bellaplex reviews reported rashes, redness and dryness as a result of applying the cream. Some reviewers saw this subside after 2 weeks of use but others did not.

It’s not a cure-all:

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Bellaplex will replace all of your skincare routine or that it will work on every skin type. The Bellaplex brand claims to improve the signs of ageing and specifically targets fine lines and wrinkles. Most consumers needed at least a cleanser and a moisturiser to partner with this product. Some Bellapalex reviews report that it was harsh on sensitive skin and currently Bellaplex doesn’t offer a sensitive skin version.

Not much of a guarantee:

According to the Bellaplex website, all orders are guaranteed for a full refund within 30 days. However, many reviewers indicated that this guarantee was not honoured for their purchase. They were either told their guarantee didn’t meet the guidelines or were charged for additional orders that they didn’t purchase.

Trying Bellaplex Cream

Bellaplex cream should be applied to clean facial skin, twice daily, for at least a month for best results. The brand claims to be the alternative to botox but most users simply see some improvement to fine lines but not as much as they would with an injection.

Our final word on Bellaplex cream

Bellaplex has a lot of the right ingredients for a wrinkle reducer but not many of those needed for a trustworthy company. Reviewers reported dissatisfaction with the product, the customer service and the brand. The promises sound great but the ingredients are available in other products so it is probably best to shop around before you order this one.

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