The EmerginC Review

Founded twenty years ago in New York City, EmerginC skincare has quickly become a common name in the skincare and sustainable business practice industries. Claiming to use only organic ingredients and better science to enhance ingredients, EmerginC is a leader in healthy, quality options for skin improvement. Vitamin C has long been known for the incredible benefits it provides to your skin and the organic nature of EmerginC is definitely enticing. This EmerginC review will consider the nature of the brand and products before you decide to pull it off the shelf.

Pros of EmerginC Skincare

An Eco-Friendly Brand:

According to EmerginC, all of their skincare products are free of parabens, artificial colouring or irritating ingredients. Customers appreciate the healthy and mild feeling of each product and commitment of the brand. Additionally, EmerginC piloted a “buy a product, plant a tree” program that plants a tree for every retail sized item sold. If going green is your thing, this might be the brand for you.

The science of vitamin-C:

Some skincare lines will incorporate vitamin-C because it’s believed to enhance collagen production and can improve skin appearance and pigmentation. EmerginC claims to incorporate three forms of vitamin-C in each product for best results. These clinically tested lipids are believed to cleanse and repair skin and fight off signs of ageing or damage from acne.


EmerginC products are mid-range for over the counter skincare lines but that’s pretty good for a fully organic company. Additionally, reviewers enjoyed that most of the products were recommended independently as opposed to with the expectation of multiple purchases. EmerginC is found in medspas, some organic stores and online.

Cons of EmerginC Skincare

Fading Results:

Taking a look at the EmerginC reviews we found while many EmerginC customers initially saw positive results, many complained that after weeks or months of use the effects faded and they were less impressed. One reviewer even reported that she didn’t finish using the bottle because the results were lackluster after only a few weeks.

Mild Ingredients and Mild Results:

Most EmerginC reviews praise that the products went on easily, had little or no scent and didn’t irritate their skin. However, other reviewers also indicated that they didn’t see significant results and improvement in their skin. This turned out to be particularly true for users looking for wrinkle improvement. They reported that while their skin felt great and was clearer, their fine lines and wrinkles never subsided as a result of using the EmerginC line of products.

Products to try from EmerginC Skincare

EmerginC Triple Threat Cream:

This cream is meant to cleanse and restore damaged skin. It’s great for people suffering from discolouration or rough and dry patches. It’s pretty intense and recommended for night use and not necessarily to be used everyday. It’s reasonably priced and reviewers noted that their skin looked and felt better.

EmerginC Vitamin-C Serum:

This product is central to the EmerginC line. The sticky serum can be applied to your face and neck daily and is recommended for night use. Reviewers indicated their skin felt firmer and was significantly clearer and brighter after about 3 weeks of applying the serum. One reviewer reported and improvement to her acne and that her longtime freckles seemed to disappear.

Final thought on EmerginC

If your carbon footprint matters as much as your wrinkles, this might be the brand for you to try. EmerginC is a leader in using organic products and considering global issues in their production and practices. It also might be a great brand for you if your skin is easily irritated from parabens or toxins. The products are great and the ingredients are solid but don’t expect a miracle from EmerginC.

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