Stridex Review – Does it work?

Blistex, the parent company that has under its umbrella, several brands among them Stridex, was founded 69 years ago, with the goal of providing high-quality lip care products. The family-run company, headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, has come a long way from its sole initial goal of providing world-class lip care product, to providing acne solutions for all skin types.

Stridex is one of the brands under the larger Blistex brand. Our Stridex review is focusing on the acne-combating products that are offered under the brand

Pros of Stridex Skincare products

Effective Acne Control

Stridex claims to use 2% salicylic acid, which has been certified in the industry as an efficient agent for acne removal. Experts say that if levels higher than 2% are used in a product, it becomes irritable and harmful to the skin, so the levels used by Stridex do not conflict with the industry requirements. Two reviewers noted that the product did not react poorly on their skin and that they did not experience any irritation after using the product for weeks. They also pointed out that Stridex Spot & T-Zone Acne ClearGel had improved the appearance of spots left by acne from their teenage years and prevented a new breakout.

Skin-type specific

Stridex offers products that are packed for specific skin types. The company claims to test their product thoroughly before presenting it to the market and marking it for the specific skin types. The levels of salicylic acid differ according to the skin type, with sensitive types getting lower levels that will not irritate them. Stridex includes Vitamins C and E as part of its ingredients, which are known to produce antioxidants and fight free radical, keeping the skin supple and wrinkle-free.

Flexible packaging

The products are portable, thanks to the packaging. Stridex Pads are packed in a box that contains solutions to keep the treated pads from drying out, while still making it easier to carry around, even on a flight. The gel is packaged in a small tub that fits well in any compartment.

Cons of Stridex Skincare products

Not very effective

The product is only good for a short while before the skin stops responding to it. One reviewer, who has had an ace problem since 7the grade says that the product worked perfectly for two weeks then stopped being of any effect. The reviewer had been using the product with the highest level of salicylic acid, and it still did not work well. The product is said to be more effective on people of ages thirteen and below. After reading some of the Stridex reviews online it leaves you questioning whether the product works or not.

Can dry out the skin

Some reviewers say that any level of salicylic acid harms their skin. One reviewer noted that her skin became irritable and dry upon using the product. She also notes that the products are best used on only the affected parts of the face to prevent causing harm to the unaffected areas. The Formula pads are meant to be used on the face, and the solution left on for a while. Some experts say that the pads contain menthol, which should not be left on the skin.  Menthol is responsible for the drying effect.

Products under the Brand

The company deals in two main products:

  • Stridex Spot & T-Zone Acne ClearGel
  • Stridex Pads for various skin types.

Our Thoughts on Stridex

Salicylic acid is a mandatory ingredient in products that claim to fight cure or manage acne. The company uses the maximum level recommended by the experts for that matter. If you have been struggling with acne for long, this product may be worth a try. On the other hand, the drying effect may work in the opposite direction. If you paired Stridex acne solution gel with an effective moisturiser, it might just work well for you.

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