The Epiduo Review

Epiduo Gel is an acne treatment that utilizes a dose of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and 0.1% adapalene to treat acne. The two active ingredients, benzoyl peroxide, and adapalene work together to eliminate the already developed acne while preventing the formation of new ones. This treatment is recommended for people aged above nine years of age.

Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that cause the breakouts while preventing new pimples from surfacing. Adapalene, on the other hand, unclogs any blockage on the pores, effectively preventing pimples from forming.

Our Epiduo review looks into the treatment of acne using the Epiduo Gel, which is not your conventional skin care product, but a treatment that is recommended by dermatologists for skin treatment.

Pros of Epiduo

Effective from the inside out

It is effective in fighting acne. Benzoyl peroxide and adapalene each play a unique role in treating pimples that are yet to show. A pea-sized portion of this solution is claimed to be enough to send the right signals into the skin and to control the formation of pimples. It also fades the existing acne scars.

Regulates oil secretion

It controls the amounts of the oil that the skin secretes. If your skin is oily and produces too much oil, dermatologists say that the application of Epiduo may reduce it to proportions that are beneficial to the skin. For the skin to react to the treatment, you have to follow the dosage as prescribed by your ski specialist.

Cons of Epiduo

Could cause dryness

Some people using this treatment have complained of dryness and redness from its use. In more severe cases, some customers suffered blisters and slight burns on their skin. Users have also reported a bit of scarring that resulted from itching. One reviewer said that the treatment had not worked for them, even after being on it for over four months. It is not explained why the product did it work on some skin types, but the dosage and usage matter too if one is to see results. Skin specialists say that it brings out the acne before clearing it up, which means that the four weeks of using it may cause the breakout to get worse. It, however, clears after that first four weeks. Patience is key when using Epiduo.

It needs consistency

If you slack in your routine, you may go back several steps. Epiduo reviews from several customers show that lack of consistency could cause the acne situation to get worse. They had to start on a clean slate and follow the required dosage to the letter.

It feels like a mask on the face

Epiduo cannot be used during the day because it dries on the face a few minutes after applying. The feeling that follows is that of a mask covering the skin. It leaves some level of discomfort if left on for long, but one gets used to it over time. If applied before bedtime, you do not feel t at all.

Our take on Epiduo

This treatment is not your usual acne solution. It combines two unique agents to help fight the problem from the inside. It is probably the most effective acne solution because it seeks to deal with the cause of the acne as opposed to treating it after it has surfaced. Skin specialists recommend that users report to them in case the treatment interacts with drugs or in the event of any side effect. The product is relatively new, which may cause some people to steer clear of it, but if you have been struggling with acne without any success, maybe it is time you gave Epiduo a chance.

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