Bioelements Review

Founded over twenty-five years ago, Bioelements has grown from a kitchen-based family venture to a renowned name in the professional skin care industry. While it is still family-owned, the company has innovatively overhauled its products to become a main contributor in the ever-changing beauty industry. Bioelements claims to collaborate with spas and major distributors to enable it to move its products. In conjunction with its spa partners, the company offers dermatological education to skin specialists who in turn use it in their establishments and with their clients.

The company offers a broad range of skincare products.

Pros of Bioelements


The company claims that its products are skin-type specific. Every product released by the brand is tested for performance, with results to prove that it is as effective as the seller says. The products from Bioelements cater to sensitive skin types, normal, oily, dry, and combination skin types. This quality has given them glowing reviews from customers, with one reviewer saying that their cleanser was the only thing that worked for her combined skin. If you like the idea of buying a product that is designed specifically for your skin type, you will like them.

Natural Ingredients

Bioelements claims to use naturally sourced products that are not chemically enhanced, among them Shea butter. Shea butter has become a valued addition in the skin care department, especially renowned for its moisturising and revitalising properties. Bioelements prides itself in using Shea butter in most of its products. The company also says that their products are free of parabens, artificial colourants, and synthetic fragrances, which have damaging effects on the skin. Additionally, Bioelements clearly states that they do not test their products on animals. They score highly with animal-rights crusaders. One reviewer said that consistent use of their moisturiser left her with a flawless and well-balanced complexion that no other product had managed to bring out.


Bioelements skincare range is available at what the company sees to be highly competitive prices. Compared to companies in the same category as them, Bioelements claims to offer some of the best prices. They attribute this to their community approach where they partner with spas and major distributors directly.

Cons of Bioelements

May contain some irritants

Much as the company takes pride in using natural products that are without chemicals, some customers think that they do have some elements of additives. One reviewer said that when she had her facial done using their products, the eye oil left her irritated for the better part of the day.

Does not work as expected

There have been complaints by some reviewers over the dark spot corrector. The reviewers say that this product does not work at all because their spots did not fade even after weeks of consistent use. Some reviewers noted that the product worked the first few days of use then stopped altogether.

Products to try from Bioelements

The company specialises in skin care products, offering a wide variety of the same.

  • Anti Aging Cream: Their anti-ageing creams contain probiotics and Vitamin C, which are known to combat free radicals. The night cream has several positive reviews for its texture and effectiveness. Most reviewers said that it revitalised their skin within limited time of use.
  • Skin serums: Their range of skin serums and treatments vary for the different age groups. Both young and ageing clientele seem to favor this product, noting that the serum is not too heavy to clog the skin.

Final Thoughts on Bioelements

The use of natural products is a move in the right direction. The ingredients used in their products are not known to have adverse effects on skin. Their products are also positively reviewed by a large number of their customers which prompts us to believe that the masses could not be so wrong. Their zeal to perfect the brand by incorporating customer reviews is also a plus.

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