Dermawand Review: Advantages and Cons of the At-Home Treatment

The Dermawand is an anti-ageing cosmetic treatment that promises to deal with the natural effects of the passing of time without resorting to highly invasive solutions, such as surgeries or facelifts. Quite the opposite, by using the latest radiofrequency technology, Dermawand offers users the possibility to tighten sagging skin with the same type of device used by skin specialists, but in the comfort of their homes.

Discovering Dermawand

These days most skincare specialists are using the latest innovations in the field of dermatology; namely, radiofrequency technology. Otherwise known as Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (RF) is an aesthetic method that makes use of RF energy in order to heat tissue, thereby stimulating the subdermal collagen production. Heat is administered by a handheld device which is in charge of generating and distributing the required RF energy. This is done with the purpose to diminish the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

Many may wonder how is it possible for tissue heating to eventually translate into tighter skin. It is because of the high temperature that subcutaneous collagen is effectively tapped and ultimately stimulated. Research has shown that further substances, other than collagen are stimulated. Elastin for instance, is another relevant skin component that is significantly boosted with RF.

Until recently however, RF used for skin tightening was only available in specialised skincare clinics and cosmetology spas. These days though, this has changed significantly. Dermawand now offers its users the chance to profit from this unique technology from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

The Keys to a Tighter Skin

The Dermawand at-home device makes use of the following pillars to ensure success:

Thermal Energy

Efficiently delivered by gentle micro-current, thermal energy finds its way to the main dermal areas under the skin’s surface. Furthermore, thanks to the increasing dermal skin temperature, the skin’s natural healthy look can be achieved and maintained for a longer time.

Immediate Stimulation

Gentle micro-current is delivered at about 100,000 cycles per second, thus producing a massage-like effect, which helps to improve circulation and enhance nutrients until their presence become visible on the human skin.

Fresh Breath for your Skin

Users’ skin is bathed with enriched oxygen while the Dermawand is being used. This process can be easily identified because of its distinctive smell, which is reminiscent of clean air, right after a rainstorm. The use of enriched oxygen translates into pore size reduction and an overall skin surface refreshment.

Advantages of Dermawand

Skin Tightening

The main effect of radiofrequency used on the human skin is an immediate, visible tightening. In fact, skin specialists are now suggesting this sort of treatment as a viable alternative to surgical facelifts.

Non Invasive

Because no anesthetics, stiches or medicine are involved, Dermawand has been proved to be safer and obviously less invasive than other cosmetic treatments available on the market these days. Major bonus: no downtime, either.

Visible Effects

Hundreds of Dermawand reviews agree on the following results: eyebrows appear lifted, deep wrinkles and folds are removed, cheek puffiness and laugh lines are significantly diminished.


Dermawand makes this groundbreaking technology accessible for those who find most RF-based treatments a bit over their budget or excessively time-consuming.

Cons of Dermawand


Whereas some people find the smell of enriched oxygen pleasant, others find it annoying, especially during longer sessions.


Similarly, others find the tingling sensation generated by the use of the handheld device a bit uncomfortable, especially during the initial moments when the skin comes in contact with the device.

Final Words on Dermawand

In the era of practical solutions, having the latest technology on an at-home basis is appealing. However, just how efficient the Dermawand is compared to professionally-delivered treatments still remains to be seen.

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