CoolLipo Sculpting Review: Freeze your Fat Away.

CoolLipo is your quick acting solution to stubborn areas of body fat. Too conscious to wear shorts? Avoid sleeveless tops like they were deadly? If you’re answer is yes, CoolLipo sculpting treatment may help change your life, your self-esteem and your body confidence. As a non-invasive, highly targeted, surgery free solution for fat removal, CoolLipo is effective in reducing seemingly unlosable fat cells permanently.

Does CoolLipo Sculpting really work?

CoolLipo uses carefully tuned fat freezing technology to terminate existing fat cells from the outside-in. Just one treatment can promise a 20-30% fat reduction. Once fat cells are terminated, CoolLipo treatments then harness the body’s natural waste elimination system which with time removes and disposes of them.

CoolLipo treatments work over time to generate and create long lasting results. Something we’ll discuss in depth soon.

CoolLipo is also very effective at removing stubborn, hard to shift areas of fat. These areas are often comprised from a type of fat called subcutaneous fat which sits deeper inside skin. This is often the cause of stubborn belly fat, persistent bingo wings and seemingly unlosable back fat. CoolLipo sculpting is able to target stubborn, persistent fat in ways a healthy diet and exercise plan can’t.

How does CoolLipo work?

CoolLipo treatments work because of a very simple scientific principle. Fat cells find it hard to exist in cold temperatures whereas other non-fat based skin tissues don’t. Using temperatures designed and tested to be only effective against fat cells allows CoolLipo treatments to eliminate fat while protecting all other surrounding skin tissues. When delivered by a reputable clinic CoolLipo treatments are both safe and effective.

CoolLipo: Non-surgical fat removal

During a CoolLipo treatment specially designed vacuum able pads are carefully positioned on top of the fat based treatment area. These pads pull the chosen treatment area into close contact with the CoolLipo pad by vacuum technology allowing for optimal fat freezing. No anaesthetic is needed, the procedure has minimal discomfort and requires no down time.

CoolLipo Treatment

CoolLipo treatments are simple, straightforward and effective. Most CoolLipo treatments can be completed within 1.5 hours of clinic time. During CoolLipo procedures the identified treatment area will be cooled to between -0oC to -8oC. This allows fat cells to be frozen without incision.

CoolLipo Before and After

After a CoolLipo treatment dead fat cells are naturally flushed by the body over a period of 12 weeks. This process can begin to visualise results in 15 days with full after effects expected within 3 months. The gradual action of CoolLipo makes fat freezing technology available to those unable to forego anaesthetic.

CoolLipo Results: How Long Do They Last?

Where other cosmetic procedures wear-off, CoolLipo treatments last. Once a fat cells is destroyed, it’s gone forever. If a healthy lifestyle and diet is adhered to after treatment, sculpting results may be long lasting.

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