What is ULTRAtherma?

ULTRAtherma is a new generation micro-focused ultrasound treatment that targets fine lines, wrinkles and sagginess in skin. To date, it is a proven anti-aging therapy with outstanding results worldwide. The ULTRAtherma anti-ageing treatment is completely non-invasive. There are no injectables involved, no needles, no anaesthetic required and the procedure does not involve cutting the skin. The treatment is typically used on the face to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and sagging but it is also suitable for tightening up lines and crepey skin on the chest area. Patients usually have ULTRAtherma on the brow-line, jowls, neck, chest and jawline.

Naturally Stimulating Collagen and Elastin

ULTRAtherma uses ultrasound energy pulses that are delivered through a small machine head. It is not a laser procedure and doesn’t affect or damage the epidermis; instead it travels deep beneath the dermis to the area of concern.

The energy pulses heat up the skin’s tissue causing it to stimulate its own natural production of collagen and elastin. Collagen production then starts to work and is at its optimum two or three months post-treatment, which is when patients usually see the end result. There are some patients who report seeing instant results as soon as they’ve experienced a single treatment but generally, ULTRAtherma results keep on improving in the following two or three months post-treatment.

Results typically last anything from two to five years and this type of therapy is particularly successful on loose and sagging skin because the ultrasound energy can specifically target deeper tissue.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

Experienced ULTRAtherma technicians should always carry out a thorough pre-treatment consultation to understand what the patient wants to achieve and to discuss any areas of concern.

Technicians should explain the treatment thoroughly so the patient knows what to expect. Patients should be told that there is virtually no discomfort and almost zero downtime. At the most, the patient will experience a tingling, hot sensation that lasts a couple of seconds each time the machine head is applied to skin. This is due to the high levels of heat but the practitioner will always use a barrier gel which helps to numb the skin and protect it. Most patients just need one session of ULTRAtherma, although some patients might need a second treatment a few weeks later.

Before Treatment

Before treatment, the practitioner will cleanse the area of concern in preparation and then apply the branded UltraTherma gel. This must be applied as it acts as a barrier to the heat, protecting the skin’s surface.

The ULTRAtherma machine boasts an imaging area which projects an ultrasound image of the skin that is undergoing the therapy. This imaging is very useful because it allows the practitioner to view the epidermis and the dermis, so determining the level of energy and heat required in order to boost collagen. Once the gel has been applied and the ultrasound image projected, the practitioner can begin pulsing energy on the targeted areas using the machine head.

Treatment Time

ULTRAtherma Treatment itself lasts anything from sixty minutes to an hour and a half, with the chest area taking approximately half an hour to complete.

Side Effects

Following treatment, at the most, a patient might experience some mild redness or slight swelling along with a feeling of tightness. These minimal side effects will diminish in just a few hours and the patient can safely continue his or her daily activities as normal.

Expected Results

All patients that experience UltraTherma should expect excellent skin lifting, smoothing, firming and plumping results that are visibly noticeable after a few months. Final results can last up to five years but on average, results last between two and three years. There is no need for patients to top up treatments until after that period.

ULTRAtherma is proving quite a sensation in the world of anti-ageing, with outstanding results and high patient satisfaction and as it is non-invasive, it is completely safe.

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