GlamGlow Skincare: Made for celebrities but can it work for you?

Originally, GlamGlow skincare and cosmetics were created for the entertainment elite in Hollywood, California. However, seeing an opportunity in the skincare market, the founders of this brand opened the line for retail. GlamGlow now has an intense following in the online cosmetic community and is available in many cosmetic stores. Here is our GlamGlow review to help you know if the skincare created for models and media might improve your skincare routine.

*GlamGlow develops and sells skincare and beauty products but this review only pertains to their skincare items.

What’s to love about GlamGlow Skincare:

GlamGlow Community:

Video bloggers and cosmetic enthusiasts are running at this product full steam. This means, as a new user, you will find plenty of online GlamGlow reviews and users to help you apply the products in the most meaningful way for best results.

Quick Results:

The inspiration for GlamGlow, according to the company, was an actor complaining that he couldn’t find a product that quickly prepared his skin for being on set. With these beginnings, it’s not surprising that many users claim the positive results of many of the products seem “instant” and “immediate”. That said, plenty of GlamGlow users also reported that their skin “got used to the products” and the improvement didn’t continue.


GlamGlow is available in many cosmetic retailers including Sephora and department stores. Some of the products have reasonable prices and if you order directly from GlamGlow online, shipping is free and comes with complimentary samples.

What’s not to love about GlamGlow Skincare:

Mixed Results:

While there are plenty of online aficionados swearing by the GlamGlow products, there are also plenty of mixed results. GlamGlow reviews most commonly complained of dryness or limited results. Some saw their acne or dislocations improve but not disappear. Others claimed they saw improvement early on but not over the long term.

Dryness and negative results:

GlamGlow reviews approved of the improvement their skin saw in oiliness or other conditions but said it was clearly at the hand of dryness. Many GlamGlow users felt like their skin was dry and itchy, especially when they first started using the products. Some saw improvement after thirty days of use.

Not for the faint-skinned:

The most prevalent negative results from GlamGlow products happen to those users with sensitive or dry skin. GlamGlow products promote the ability to refresh oily skin but that leaves many reviewers with dry skin and patches. The GlamGlow line is recommended for all skin types but the reviews suggest otherwise.

Cost and Packaging:

Individual products from GlamGlow are not poorly priced by considering most clients needed multiple products for best results, the costs add up quickly. Additionally, users complained that the packaging gives the illusion of more product than there actually is and sometimes it is difficult to get the product out of the container.

Some GlamGlow products you might just love:

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment:

This divine smelling mask clears pores as it dries on your face. Reviewers love the feel of the product during application and the tight, firm feel of their skin after use. Best results are found in people with oily and pore clogged skin. Spots and acne are clearly reduced but most users did not say they completely disappeared. Additional improvement was seen after a couple weeks using the product.

GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser:

This mud to foam cleanser can be used to remove makeup and clear your pores. Users of The Supercleanse said they felt their skin was refreshed from use and improved their skin after acne breakouts. However, if you are prone to dry skin, this probably won’t be a daily cleanser for your skin. Some reviewers developed dry, rough patches on their face after consistent use and preferred to use it only on “bad skin days”.

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