Dermalogica Skincare Review

Developed by the International Dermal Institute, Dermologica claims to be the most frequently prescribed skincare treatment by skincare professionals. This brand was developed by dermatologists over twenty-five years ago and continues to be an industry front-runner for skin conditions. The brand aspires to develop products without irritants and with tools that help the products work their best on clients’ skin.

Dermalogica Skincare Pros

A company to trust:

Many reviewers commented on the importance of supporting a preferred company when they are spending on skincare products. Dermalogica produces all the products in the US and never tests on animals. Each product is developed without harmful toxins or chemicals. Dermalogica also has a foundation committed to working with women entrepreneurs and women empowerment groups.

Skincare is central to Dermalogica:

The brand’s website declares again and again the dedication to improving skincare and the lifestyles of their clients. The company doesn’t invest in sparkly or intense packaging but instead spend their efforts on improving their products to improve your skin. The company was founded and the products developed by dermatologists committed to skin improvement.

Relief for the Irritated:

Reviewers most frequently mention that Dermalogica works wonders on skin that is regularly irritated or suffering from breakouts. The products are uniquely gentle and strong. Users saw improvement in their skin and without negative effects. Of course, some Dermalogica reviews claimed they experienced skin irritation but it was limited.

Dermalogica Skincare Cons

Extreme Variability:

Should you choose to peruse the Dermalogica Skincare website, you will quickly notice that it is not a simple search. Each product is only recommended for specific skin types and specific skin conditions. For example, the moisturisers are developed for oily skin, oily to mid range skin, mid range skin, dry to mid range, and dry skin. Users with skin that sometimes changes felt like they needed multiple products because one would leave them unsatisfied. Dermalogica recommends that all users meet with a Dermalogica specialist to have their skin professionally mapped for choosing the best products for best results. Locations of specialists are available on the Dermalogica website.

Specific Routine Methods:

Some of the Dermalogica products are unique both in the solution and in the method of applying the products. For examples, some cleansers and exfoliants from Dermalogica must be mixed prior to use and users are expected to following mixing directions. Additionally, some products can only be used in tiny amounts or every few days. Reviewers that did not follow the Dermalogica instructions did see some adverse reactions. Prepare to watch a few videos if you switch to this skincare line.

Products to try from Dermalogica Skincare

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

This product is a fan favourite from Dermalogica. This exfoliant is gentle enough for daily use but still strong enough to improve the look of breakouts and black heads. Users must combine the solution with water into a paste like substance and then apply it to their skin. Some users found this time consuming but, for the most part, reviewers said it was worth it. Reviewers saw significant change in the blemishes on their face and described the feeling as “soft and smooth”.

Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum 

This oil-like serum is applied to skin at night to moisturise and improve the look of ageing on skin. Some Dermalogica reviews indicated that the product made their skin tighter and smoother. Also, rosacea and acne sufferers saw positive improvements to these conditions in just weeks of use. Unfortunately, users that combined the serum with other products did notice adverse reactions and breakouts. Additionally, many reviewers and fans mentioned that the serum does get stuck on pillowcases and even dyed the colour of the pillowcase. Also, users with oily skin found the product a little too oily and didn’t prefer to use it.

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