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Review of Recapture 360

Recapture 360 is a cosmetic product line launched in recent years by former supermodel Christie Brinkley. Widely advertised as being the ultimate answer for most ageing issues. The Recapture 360 cosmetic line however, has raised quite a lot of controversy mainly because of some of the ingredients used in the products. In this review, you will get better access to some of the most relevant facts. Furthermore, by taking a look at some of the many Recapture 360 reviews available online, we have been able to better assess just exactly what users worldwide are saying about Recapture 360.

The Philosophy behind Recapture 360

Recapture 360 cosmetics have been created by a self-proclaimed vegan who, one would expect, is an advocate of all-natural products. In fact, Ms. Brinkley has made it clear that all her products are 100% vegan. Nonetheless, upon analysing some of the ingredients used in the products themselves, one cannot but wonder how the presence of so many synthetic chemicals may fit into the vegan scheme of things. On the other hand, if results are what you are after, this product range can be just the thing since according to many Recapture 360 reviews both products are effective.

What is the Recapture Kit about?

RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream

Designed to reverse those visible, yet unwanted signs of ageing, this solution contains several of the most revolutionary substances developed to fight cell oxidation, loss of collagen and hyperpigmentation.

The ingredients included in this Recapture 360 product are Avobenzone – which behaves like oestrogen. Octinoxate, which degrades in sunlight, particularly when it is combined with Avobenzone. The formula is completed with the presence of Diethylhexyl Syringylidene Malonate, which is a light stabiliser. Lastly, Octocrylene, the last sunscreen ingredient that behaves as a skin penetrator that boosts the production of free radicals.

The presence of botanicals is another characteristic quality of the Recapture 360 day cream. Bakuchiol, ergothioneine and plant extracts are some of the featured natural substances that contribute greatly to the formula’s efficiency.

Pros of RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream

Fights Signs of Ageing:

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots quite significantly according to many Recapture 360 reviews. Thanks to the presence of three effective technologies (revive, improve and protect) multiple signs of ageing can be corrected.


Whereas most cosmetic ranges require the use of several products, Recapture presents only one to cater for all needs.

Cons of Recapture 360

Controversial Chemicals:

Many of the ingredients used in the formula have raised some controversy in relation to their safety and side effects. Many Recapture 360 reviews also mention this exact concern.

RECAPTURE 360 Night Anti-Aging Night Treatment

Designed to support the natural night-time repair process, this night treatment uses the natural powers of a peptide to rejuvenate the skin during the night. Additionally, because of the presence of the proprietary Bio-copper complex, skin smoothness can be achieved.

Pros of RECAPTURE 360 Night Anti-Aging Night Treatment


It helps boost the skin’s natural repair process while you sleep. Also, skin is plumped and hydrated in such a way that you will feel refreshed and hydrated during the day.


As dehydration is prevented, skin texture feels smoother and with daily usage, users’ complexion will appear firmer.

Cons of Recapture 360


According to several Recapture 360 reviews, the bottle may present a mess challenge. A pump container would be much more convenient to solve this issue.


This product can be placed at the highest price range and may be too costly for many shoppers.

Final Considerations

Albeit controversial, some ingredients in the Recapture cosmetic range have been proved to be effective against the natural process of skin ageing. Hundreds of Recapture 360 reviews attest to the product’s efficiency. Nonetheless, consulting with a skin specialist is advisable before using these Recapture products.

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