Vampire Facelift

Review of Vampire Facelift

Every now and then, a cosmetic treatment comes along to revolutionise everything and such is the case of the procedure known as Vampire Facelift. This multi-step method includes using the person’s own blood to activate the production of skin collagen in a more efficient and longer-lasting way. Despite its novelty, the procedure has already attracted numerous fans who claim to have found a way to regain beauty without losing their natural shapes. According to its creators, the vampire facelift is optimal for patients whose skin concerns call for a much less invasive method than traditional facelifts, but who still want to rejuvenate their appearance.

Learning about Vampire Facelift

Also known as platelet rich plasma treatments, a vampire lift involves several steps. The first one involves undergoing the Dermapen facial which has been created to clean, exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin by taking away all dead cells and debris caused by external pollutants.

The process also involves the use of several serums and lotions that are meant to both clean and moisturise the patient’s skin. Some of the serums used for this facial treatment are full of antioxidants that help to brighten up the skin.

Finally, a newer, reloaded version of the Dermapen is used in order to needle in the moisturising agents into the skin. This is allows for deeper skin penetration, thus ensuring a more effective, longer-lasting result.

However, the revolutionary aspect of this treatment concerns the extraction of the patient’s blood by the physician, who will later on separate from the patient’s blood those blood growth factors involved in healing and restoring skin by using a centrifuge. The result is platelet-rich plasma of PRP which is later on re-injected into the patient’s face by means of tiny, acupuncture-like needles. The entire process is done in about only ten minutes in the doctor’s office. Some patients find combining this treatment with dermal fillers deliver the best results.

Pros of Vampire Lift

Medical Environment

Because of the sensitive nature of the treatment, only fully-certified skin health practitioners carry out this type of treatment, often in medical settings. This ensures that the patient’s overall well-being is maintained throughout the entire procedure.

Little Downtime

The vampire facelift is always performed on an outpatient basis and even when the patient’s face is often redder after the treatment, this redness generally subsides within 24 hours. Most patients go back to their normal daily routines the following day.

Longer-lasting Results

The effects of getting a vampire lift are visible almost right after the treatment takes place and continue to improve for two to three months. As for duration, the rejuvenating effects have been known to last from one to two years, depending on each case.

Cons of Vampire Facelift

Little Research

Because this is a new procedure actually, there are still many unanswered questions, especially concerning the effects and the duration of the effects. In addition, whether the combination of plasma rich platelet and dermal fillers is innocuous or not, still remains to be seen.

Doubtful Results

An important number of reviewers have expressed their disappointment over the results, particularly concerning their effectiveness. Since results are much less dramatic, the public is bound to challenge the efficiency of the treatment altogether.


Taking into account the results and considering that many people need to undergo several sessions before actually getting the vampire facelift, the costs may seem high.

Our Final Thoughts on Vampire Facelift

Expensive facial treatments that require the patient to go through several sessions should be considered seriously for many different reasons. Besides, since vampire facelift has not been thoroughly proven yet, you should get more information before undergoing such treatment.


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