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Review of Perricone MD Skincare

With a tag line of “serious about skincare”, Perricone MD promotes a holistic approach to improving skin conditions. Incorporating diet, exercise and nutritional supplement choices into the work with their customers, Perricone MD is committed to skincare improvement from the inside first. Perricone MD is a skincare choice for both at-home products and treatments and in-clinic procedures. This review considers the at-home products from Perricon MD.

Pros of Perricone MD

The Doctor is in:

Dr. Perricone, an award winning dermatologist, inventor and skin expert who currently claims 116 patents for the treatment of skin ageing conditions, developed Perricone MD. The three-tiered system, promoted by Perricone, of diet, supplements and treatments is considered one of the most successful skin treatments of all time. Dr. Perricone has also published books and articles about lifestyle improvement for skin enhancement. His name and brand are trusted throughout the skincare community.

Product Simplicity:

Perricone MD developed a variety of products but the line is simple to understand and clear for consumers. Most customers begin with the core line and then extend to other products for problem areas or specific treatments.


Despite the medical roots of Perricone MD, the brand is incredible accessible. It can be purchased online, in department stores and from cosmetic brands, like Sephora. Fans of Perricone MD appreciate the ease with which they can find their favourite products, across the globe.

Long term success:

Perricone MD is committed to helping customers make the changes necessary to improve their lifestyle and their skincare. Customers rave about the positive improvements they see from their dedication to the three-tiered system.

Cons of Perricone MD


The Perricone MD product line is at the high end of skincare products. Most of the line costs significantly more than their skincare competitors. It’s important to consult a skin specialist if you’re considering making this investment to make sure the results expected match those developed from Perricone MD.


Packaging clearly isn’t a concern for every consumer. However, many Perricone reviews complained that the packaging, a nod to the doctor and inventor who developed the line, looks like medical prescriptions. The dark colours and rubber caps look like prescription bottles and are not aesthetically pleasing.


Many Perricone MD customers complain of the potent and strange scent of the products. Some have called it “unlike anything else in skincare” and most say that it is both strong and irritating. However, most reviewers also admit that the strong scents do not linger after using the product and instead remain in the bottle.


While Perricon MD products are easily available, committed users declare that best results come for those who are committed to the Perricone lifestyle and dietary changes. Reviewers said they bought products and were quickly changing other parts of their life to see the full effects. This is great for long term improvement but hard to stay aligned with as a casual consumer.

Products to try from Perricone MD

No Foundation Foundation


Perricone MD has an entire line of “No Makeup Makeup” that is incredibly popular. The “No Foundation Foundation” is a moisturiser, sunscreen and one colour fits all foundation all rolled into one. This serum has positive reviews online from fans of the brand and beauty professionals alike. Additionally, the serum goes on with a minimal amount and the bottle lasts longer than expected.

Cold Plasma:

This product is one of Dr. Perricone’s 116-patented developments. The product claims to target the ten signs of ageing from wrinkles to discolouration and skin dryness. Most of the reviewers saw positive results in decreasing discolouration and skill dullness. Perricone MD Cold Plasma is expensive but only a minimal amount is necessary for use. Additionally, many reviewers complained of the fish like smell from this serum.

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