Review of SkinCeuticals Advanced Skincare

Founded in 1994, SkinCeuticals is a skincare brand that developed out of skin cancer research. Based in the United States, they claim to be on the frontline of skincare science for improving the appearance and health of skin. For over twenty years, they have been partnering with dermatologists, spas and cosmetic surgeons to provide in-home skin treatment. The following review of this science based company is for those considering SkinCeuticals for their personal skin treatment.

The Pros for SkinCeuticals

An Extensive Collection:

SkinCeuticals has a product for every skin type and every skin related condition. A quick perusal of the website will indicate they have about ten editions of every product available, even sunscreen! This means they are producing options for individual needs and deeply considering the best way to attack skincare problems, personally. This also means that a consumer has more research to do to find a product that works for their skin, but that’s why SkinCeuticals recommends customers consult a dermatologist or skin professional to best attain best results from their products.

Helpful Consideration: 

Online and with a professional, SkinCeuticals recommends products based on your skin type and condition. Many skincare lines claim to be usable and successful for various skin types but SkinCeuticals believes that truly attacking skincare health means an individualized approach.

Consumer Education:

SkinCeuticals is committed to using the best science and their “prevention, protection, correction” formula for every product. SkinCeuticals believes that winning the fight on ageing skin and negative appearances starts with educating the client on the best methods and lifestyle choices for skin improvement. Choosing to use this skincare line means choosing an education about your skin and lifestyle for holistic improvement.

The Cons for SkinCeuticals:


The extensive science and individualised approach with SkinCeuticals comes at a pretty hefty price. As compared with various other skincare lines, this is definitely on the higher end in cost. Additionally, the products are packaged small and most customers use a variety of items for their skincare.


Even the most committed SkinCeuticals users have needed to update their regimen for best results. SkinCeuticals admits that customers do need to meet with a dermatologist or aesthetician regularly to update and find the best products. Some SkinCeuticals reviews expressed dissatisfaction due to the regular update of the products means losing some of the value and increasing frustration.

One line/range isn’t enough:

Like many of the major players in the skincare industry, SkinCeuticals encourages customers to use a “line” or “range” of products for their skin needs. After a skin assessment, consumers are assigned a range of products including night creams and moisturisers (usually about 4-5 products) that will best match their skin type (oily, dry, normal, etc.) and condition (anti-ageing, acne, etc.). The problem with SkinCeuticals is most people are encouraged to buy the “range” and supplemental items from other ranges or other products. It ends up being expensive and feeling beside the point of having a range in the first place.

Products to try from SkinCeuticals:

CE Ferulic Combination Treatment:

This fragrant free dropper-packaged liquid includes vitamin-C, antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory agent. Sticking to the SkinCeuticals mission, this product helps protect from stress related ageing and skin conditions and corrects fine-lines and wrinkles that have already developed. Online reviews of this product are strong for an anti-aging treatment.

SkinCeuticals Emollience:

This daily moisturiser is a soft cream that incorporates vitamins B5 and A to help skin look fresher and more youthful. It is recommended for dry skin types but the reviewers rave that this moisturiser isn’t remotely oily. SkinCeutical Reviews also declare that this product absorbs into the skin quickly and never irritates the skin. It is also one of the most reasonably priced products from the SkinCeuticals line.

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