The NuFace Review

Founded for women by women, NuFace skincare is striving to the innovators in the anti-ageing skincare community. Specialising in devices for at-home face lifts, NuFace was developed by an aesthetician from Golden Door Spa in Southern California. She developed the first FDA-approved, handheld, multi-solution device and has been changing skincare since. Products are made in the United State but are sold worldwide. Before you are lured by their celebrity following, this review is here to help you understand the facts.

NuFace Fans:


NuFace is a recommended replacement for Botox or face lift procedures. Fans of the brand love that they can use this from the privacy of their home without recovery time or unwanted results. Most NuFace reviews say the results are clearly noticeable but not quite to the level of a face life procedure.

Real Results:

The NuFace website is full of before and after photos and testimonials of real people declaring the incredible results of this product. Allure and Elle Magazines claim this is a viable and incredible alternative to Botox needles and swear by the product line. Celebrities like Jessica Alba are fans of the NuFace products and claim to use them regularly as opposed to harsh chemical peels and treatments. In the anti-ageing industry, NuFace is offering a considerable option for those looking to opt out of a clinic.

Reliable Company:

Carol Cole and her daughters started NuFace because after years of working at a spa for anti-ageing treatments, she wanted to create something that could be used more regularly at home. She continues to be critical to designing of products and the success of the NuFace brand.  Additionally, NuFace works with by financially committing proceeds to the organisation’s work improving the self-esteem of patients undergoing cancer treatments.

NuFace Frustrations:


As you would expect with an exclusive line with celebrity followers, buying from the NuFace product line is an investment. Purchasing a NuFace Facial Trainer will cost at least $200 and that only gets you the travel mini and doesn’t include the necessary serums. This does come with a 60-day return guarantee but NuFace reviews show that these devices don’t last forever and you will be purchasing replacements, as well.

One-hit wonder:

Some reviewers praise incredible results with the NuFace facial device and claim their skin has become firmer and lifted from using the device. However, under no circumstances can this product moisturise or clarify your skin. So, while this product might be lifting and firming your face, you’re still going to need to purchase additional skincare products to handle cleaning and maintaining your skin.


The NuFace website asserts that you’re getting a five minute facial, five times per week. That sounds great except that doesn’t include keeping your device charged and your serums updated. Many users say best results are only possible to the most committed users who make time almost everyday. If you travel, you’re going to need to buy a mini version as well to make this work for you.

Mixed Reviews:

While celebrities may have jumped on the NuFace bandwagon, many customers’ online reviews show frustration at the lack of skin improvement. NuFace has not commented on the mixed customer results.

The Product to Try:

NuFace Facial Trainer:

This is the main product from the NuFace line. This trainer, used with a gel or serum, is a micro-current technology device that lifts the facial skin. Users scan their facial skin with the NuFace device over different areas to improve the skin over the entire face. The NuFace website includes a video to show the best method of using the device for the most visible results. Also, additional serums are available for customers looking for varying results.

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