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Dr. Hauschka Review

Dr. Hauschka skincare is a branch of one Europe’s most historical lifestyle and cosmetic brands. A skincare line was an early dream for Dr. Hauschka that was realised in the late 1960’s. Still today, the name Dr. Hauschka is synonymous with quality skincare products from a pioneer in the industry. This review is designed to help consumers navigate this important line of skincare and consider the facets of this brand.

Compliments of Dr. Hauschka Skincare

Natural and Holistic:

The Dr. Hauschka brand is committed to using a holistic and natural approach to skincare. The three branches of the company help customers find solutions and make up for their skincare and lifestyle improvements for long term effects. Many reviewers appreciate the natural ingredients and considerable improvements to their skin.

Products for transition:

Anyone who has ever tried a new and effective skincare line or product knows that skin needs time to transition to the new product and expectations. Dr. Hauschka is aware of this and has created products and information about the transition period. Dr. Hauschka has a line of rhythmic conditions for deep cleansing, exfoliation and nourishment as you transition to a new skincare routine so reactions are under control.

Informed for best results:

The Dr. Hauschka website and packaging are filling with incredibly detailed information about skin improvement, lifestyle changes and health development. The information includes details about patience for results and truth about skin improvement. As a consumer, it is refreshing for a brand to commit to helping customers understand their skin condition as opposed to claiming overnight wonder solutions. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website is clear, informative and concise.

Considerations of Dr. Hauschka Skincare

Initial product shock:

Some of Dr. Hauschka skincare reviews complained that initially their skin retained a shock condition from the new products. Some reviewers felt extreme dryness or redness and irritation as a result of using Dr. Hauschka skincare. Most reviewers said the shock eventually subsided but originally it was difficult to see positive results from using the products.


As with most natural skincare lines, Dr. Hauschka skincare products have potent smells that some customers find irritating. Many reviewers said they became acclimated to the scents and it stopped bothering them and most claimed the scent is only in the bottle and not on the skin. If you tend to be smell-sensitive, this probably isn’t the line for you.

Improvement Time:

The Dr. Hauschka website claims that it takes 28 days for skin to renew and seeing true skin improvement can take even longer. The brand recommends a 60-day trial to see the true effects of their products. This timeline can be hard for those of us in the instant gratification generation but some reviewers say it is worth the wait.

Products to try from Dr. Hauschka Skincare

Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream:

This product is the number one bestseller from the Dr. Hauschka line and one beauty expert exclaimed she “fell in love with product after just one day.” This moisturising cream goes on smooth with limited irritation. It does not have a polarising scent and consumers swear their skin feels smoother, tighter and refreshed after using the Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream.

Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Kit:

This four-product kit is an essential way to try Dr. Hauschka’s products in conjunction with each other. Additionally, at a reasonable price, customers can try the products for enough time to see results without purchasing full products. The kit comes in two variations: one for oily skin and one for more dry skin. The kit also includes the bestselling rose cream.

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