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Forever Flawless Skincare Review

Promoting all-natural solutions to common signs of skin ageing, Forever Flawless has placed itself at the top of the high-end skincare industry. Forever Flawless products are available for purchase online and in specialty stores and some of their solutions are some of the most expensive and extensive available.

The Pros of Forever Flawless Skincare:

Forever Flawless stands for luxury:

Forever Flawless claims to be capable of replacing pricey trips to skincare surgeons and spas. Their products incorporate diamond dust to work for anti-ageing. Apparently, diamond dust is an incredibly natural exfoliating agent. While this makes the brand unique and opulent, the science behind the use of diamond dust is unclear. If you’re looking for something special and luxurious, this might be the brand for you but don’t necessarily expect results.

Online Promotions:

One of the biggest complaints about this brand is the price tag. However, if you’re looking to try it and are willing to follow their Facebook page and other social media accounts, various promotions are available. At the time of this writing, Forever Flawless was providing a Buy One Get One promotion. The products are easy to purchase online and in specialty stores. The Forever Flawless website has a map tool for finding a store.

The Cons of Forever Flawless Skincare:

Mixed Reviews:

Consumers that purchase Forever Flawless are quick to contemplate and review the products and, unfortunately, the results haven’t been great. Many Forever Flawless reviews said they saw little or no improvement to their skin and some had negative reactions. Many users agreed that the quality of the product did not match the price tag.

Lack of Verification:

Unfortunately, the glamorous and glorious claims made by Forever Flawless have little to research to verify the products. Most of the products have been through little or no clinical testing or scientific research tests. In fact, considering the mixed reviews and lack of tests, there seems to be little evidence to support the claims of the Forever Flawless brand. Some reviewers did see skin improvement but certainly not enough to signify trust and reliability.



Purchasing Forever Flawless isn’t for everyone because not everyone can afford it. They have one solution that costs upwards of $1000. Forever Flawless claims the cost to be worthwhile because the products can replace costly trips to a spa or surgery but the reviews are mixed about that. It’s also important to note that there is not a money-back guarantee.

Meant for Various Skin Conditions


Forever Flawless develops products for men and women and claim to attack various skin ailments. Dermascope Magazine labeled the Facial Peeling Gel as a “tool of the trade” for exfoliation that can improve acne, scarring, discolouration and other skin issues. The brand claims to focus on anti-ageing but that their products have positive effects for all skin types and ailments.

Forever Flawless Products to try:

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Instant Lifting Cream


Part of the anti-ageing regimen from Forever Flawless, this lifting cream incorporates a peptide formula that tightens, firms and lifts skin. The packaging is small and only includes a small amount of the product but it is only recommended for bi-weekly use. The brand encourages purchasing this with the serum under the same name. Both products include the brand’s unique diamond dust ingredient.

Forever Flawless Snake Venom Correcting Cream:

Named for a polypeptide that mimics an ingredient found in snake venom, don’t worry, no snakes were actually harmed or used in the development of this product. That said, many reviewers claim this product gave them “magic-like” results for their wrinkles and fine lines. Forever Flawless also claims that the product will prevent future wrinkles. Some reviewers didn’t see results until almost a month of daily application.

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