Ultraceuticals Review: Can a 90-day regimen transform your skin?

Founded in 1998 but cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Heber, the Ultraceuticals skincare brand has been promising potent skincare products for noticeable results.  The Ultraceuticals 90-day regimen is a more recent development from the brand that has been working to improve skincare in Australia for almost two decades.  Ultraceuticals claims to incorporate advanced science and potent product formulas for impressive skincare results.  This review of the Ultraceuticals skincare line will help you decide if it is right before you buy.

The History Behind the Ultraceuticals Brand:

Dr.Heber was originally a cosmetic surgeon and he opened one of the original non-surgical cosmetic clinics in Australia.  However, he quickly recognised that his patients needed better skincare regimens to accompany the skin procedures they came to his clinic seeking.  With the help Australian chemists, they worked to create more potent products for improved results.   Ultraceuticals  has continued to develop new and improved products for the last twenty years and remains committed to improving the looks of ageing, acne and colouration concerns.

The Good News from Ultraceuticals:

Ultraceuticals offers an online consultancy for your skin to help you find the right products and ranges for your skin.  It’s possible to achieve a consultation through an online quiz, a skype interview or visiting a clinic with a consultation specialist.   The service is free and helps you pick products before you purchase them.

Potent Products for more results:

The difference between Ultraceuticals and a regular pharmacy brand is in the science.  The intensity levels of different elements and combinations in the products make it so users with lacklustre results from cheaper brands can find success with Ultraceuticals.

Discolouration Improvement:

Customers looking to improve dull or discoloured skin had the best results using Ultraceuticals.   Particularly, clients complaining of skin discolouration with age saw a reverse in their negative condition.  These customers swear by the Even Skintone Serum.

The Negative Side of Ultraceuticals:

If you have fair or sensitive skin, finding the right range or product for you might be difficult with Ultraceutical products.  The key to enhanced results for Ultraceuticals is more potent chemistry and the Ultraceuticals reviews mention rashes, itchiness and dryness from the products they used.  Some reviewer indicated they tried multiple ranges with similar negative results for their skin while other claimed their skin just needed time to adjust to the products.


Ultraceutical products are on the high end of the skincare market but many products come with a money back guarantee.   Unfortunately, some clients said they felt like the guarantee didn’t pan out as they had expected.

Not for every skin type:

Many of the Ultraceutical products claim to work for any skin type but results are varied.  Clients with sensitive or dry skin complained of negative results with some of the products.

The Products to try from Ultraceuticals

Ultra MD Refining Serum

:  Anything from the Ultraceuticals MD line is going to be the most potent and have the highest concentration of the skin improving ingredients.  Note: this intensity might create negative effects for some people as was previously noted in the review.  This higher concentration targets fine lines and wrinkles and reviewers claim that it works wonders around the eyes and on their forehead.

RVR90 Kit:

Similar to an Ultraceuticals range, an RVR kit is a set of products developed to work together and enhance skin improvement.  The kits are personalised through an online or in-person consultation and come with a 90-day money back guarantee.   The kits include moisturisers, cleansers and night creams for your skin needs.  However, some clients complained that they were also encouraged to get in-clinic treatments and improvements that were expensive and more invasive.

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