Review of Boscia Skincare Line

Originally developed in Japan almost four decades ago, the Boscia Skincare brand stands for botanical (“Bo”) science (“sci”) solutions to skin issues and ailments.   The brand claims to be the first preservative-free anti-ageing skincare line.   Boscia is aiming to provide clinically tested effective products through natural ingredients and advanced technology.  Our Boscia skincare review below is designed to help you sort the facts of this brand and decide if it is worth your investment.

Pros of Boscia Skincare

Clean Concept:

Boscia claims to be the first line of completely preservative-free skincare products.  Additionally, the brand is committed to never using ethanol alcohol, bactericides, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, animal ingredients or gluten.  This is great news for consumers with easily irritated skin or allergy concerns.  Many Boscia reviews described these products as “clean” or “mild” and preferred the natural ingredients.  Products are also made in a “clean room” that is bacteria free and keeps products from incurring unplanned damages.

The Unique Boscia Blend:

Each product from Boscia incorporates the patented blend of Jojoba Leaf and Willowherb.  The antioxidant and skin-calming botanical repairs and refreshes skin.  This combination is unique to Boscia and the blend is in each Boscia product.

Online Promotions:

Boscia products are available in most skincare stores and from most distributers.  However, Boscia also offers regular promotions through their online store.  Currently, new customers can expect at least a 10% discount.


Compared to other companies committed to natural ingredients, Boscia’s prices look great.  However, be warned, Boscia’s line of skincare products is extensive and some reviewers complained that they always felt like they needed to add something new to the regimen.

Cons of Boscia Skincare

Reviews indicate limitations:

There are definitely fans of the Boscia that stand by the brand but many reviewers indicate they saw limited or no change in their skin after using the Boscia products.  Most users agree that Boscia is mild and easy on their skin but many regretted their purchases as their skin didn’t change.  This was particularly true with the Boscia cleansers and acne treatments.

Extensive Product Line:

Everyone loves options but Boscia users complain that there are too many products and that most products come with recommendations for additional purchases.  For example, Boscia recommends that consumers purchase a Boscia brush to apply their cleansers.  Those same cleansers also recommend the purchase of an additional cleanser or serum for application after cleaning.

Negative effects:

Some Boscia users reported negative results after use of the products.  Most notably, reviewers indicated the cleansers made their skin feel dry or flaky.   Reviewers with sensitive skin saw increases in dryness and patchiness.  Also some user complained that the gel products had a grey tint that dulled the look of their skin.

Products to try from Boscia Skincare

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask:

This peel off mask is designed to decrease inflammation, unclog pours and clear and refresh skin.  It is full of vitamins and antioxidants.  The Knot and Beauty Choice Awards chose the mask as a beauty award winner in 2015.  Reviewers said their skin felt softer and looked clearer immediately after peeling off the mask.  Users with oily skin also claimed that this product improved the condition of their skin.  Some reviewers complained that the sticky nature of the product made it difficult to apply.

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser:

If you are a makeup wearer, this product might be your new favourite.  The formula gently warms on your skin as it cleanses.  Reviewers felt like it easily and completely removed all traces of make-up from the day. Many reviewers also saw improvement to their skin and pores from the use of this cleanser. Some did not appreciate that Boscia recommends the purchase of a special brush to use with this cleanser.

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