Review of Clarisonic Facial Brushes and Cleansers

In the last few years, Clarisonic brushes have taken the skincare industry by storm. Many other brands have tried to replicate the exfoliating brush heads, but Clarisonic was the first brand to make these facial brushes popular. According to the brand, their brushes are the #1 facial cleansing device in the US and the most recommended by dermatologists. Our review of Clarisonic brushes and cleansers can help you decide if this fan-favoured product is right for your skin improvement.

Positive Aspects from using Clarisonic

A Clarisonic for everyone:

Clarisonic prides itself on developing products for every user and skin condition. As such, the brand has alternative brushes for different skin types. Clarisonic claims they have a brush that will produce positive effects for even the most sensitive skin. On the Clarisonic website, there is a quiz to help decide which brush is right for your skin.

Positive Reviews:

Many beauty bloggers and skincare aficionados rave about the Clarisonic brushes. The Clarisonic reviews claim it leaves their skin clearer and feeling cleaner than ever. Other users enjoy the ease of the product and clear instructions. Almost every positive review indicated their pores looked smaller and clearer.

Quick and easy use:

Clarisonic reviewers love the quick settings of the tools. The product can be used in less than one minute and the website and instructions are detailed for best practices. Some reviewers complained that continuously charging the Clarisonic was a bit of a hassle.

Negative Aspects from using Clarisonic

Overuse Concerns:

Clarisonic recommends that consumers use their brushes 1-2 times a day and claims the device is gentle enough for twice-daily use. However, many reviewers indicated that daily use was too much for their face, especially during initial use. Reviewers indicated their face turned red or patchy and also saw their pores become more visible. Most reviewers saw improvement when they decreased their use or traded for a more gentle brush.

Clarisonic is an investment:

Purchasing a Clarisonic brush means buying the handle, the brush and a cleanser to use with the tools. The brush controls how hard the pulses work on your face and the brush is specially designed for certain skin types. Unfortunately, the entire package is pretty pricey and the brushes need to be re-purchased and changed out regularly. Clarisonic does offer 10% off for first time purchasers on their website. Also, be aware that some reviewers indicated they’d purchased a “fake” Clarisonic on third party sites like Amazon.

Only Cleansing:

After purchasing an expensive skincare product, you might hope that it would do everything. Unfortunately, Clarisonic brushes have the sole purpose of cleaning your face. This means, additional products are necessary for moisturising, sun protection and night creams.

Products to try from Clarisonic

Clarisonic Mia:

This is the most recommended tool developed by Clarisonic for clearer skin. The brand has since produced the Mia 2 but most reviewers indicate that the change isn’t enough to warrant the higher price and recommend the original Mia instead. This tool has dual speeds for facial cleaning and reviewers report immediate improvement to their skin. Remember that purchasing the Mia means you will still need to purchase a brush and cleanser to use with the tool.

Our final thought on Clarisonic Facial Brushes and Cleansers

For sonic facial brushes, there really isn’t a more recognisable or recommended brand than Clarisonic. Reviewers rave about their clear and clean skin and continue to purchase new Clarisonic brushes and tools year after year. We acknowledge the price is high and encourage possible users to remember they’ll need additional facial products in addition to a Clarisonic. Additionally, don’t be fooled by fancy new editions. If you’re purchasing Clarisonic, stick to the more affordable but equally effective originals.

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