Ole Henriksen Review

A Review of Ole Henriksen Products

Ole Henriksen products have been on the market since 1984. For 32 years, the company has been providing skin solutions at a wide scale. The company was created when the founder, Ole Henriksen who went all out seeking solutions for his skin concerns. He claims not to have found the products that worked perfectly with his skin and therefore decided to come up with solutions from the information that he had gathered. That is how the company was born.

Pros of Ole Henriksen Products

Essential Vitamins

Ole Henriksen products contain Vitamin C, which is known to enable the skin to produce collagen to keep it looking supple. Vitamin C also protects the skin from the damaging effects of the UV rays.

Sunscreen in The Moisturisers

Most reviewers have expressed their contentment in the moisturisers for the included SPF. In most cases, consumers have to contend with applying a moisturiser on their skin then following it up with sunscreen. With the moisturisers from Ole Henriksen, you do not need to have the products separately. The two are in one tub, making it as easy as whipping some, applying it, and leaving the house.


Reviews on the serums and face creams say that the product is light on the skin. People with sensitive or oily skin can use it without the fear of clogging up their skin. The products are divided into their specific categories, to cater for various skin types and to deliver the desired results in all of them. For dry and normal skin, Ole Henriksen makes use of natural oils such as jojoba and primrose to deliver the desired level of moisture. For products meant for the more sensitive skin types, the ingredient labels differ to eliminate heavy oils while still including the essential oils for skin nourishment.

Cons of Ole Henriksen Products


The jar packaging may cause it to lose essential qualities once the jar is opened. The best packaging for beauty products is opaque and tubular, which keeps the contents stable and safe from interaction with the sun and air. Jars expose the contents to air, which depletes the product of antioxidants, plant-based extract, and vitamins.


The Ole Henriksen range of skincare products is not for everyone. The prices on the products are a bit prohibitive. One of the Ole Henriksen  reviews state that the price of one Ole Henriksen product is similar to that of a whole range of facial product from other brands. If you are the kind that would not like to spend a fortune on your skincare products, these products may be out of your reach.

Contains Fragrant Plant Extracts

The products contain fragrant plants extracts that are to have carcinogens. They also cause some irritation on the skin. The levels of fragrant may be dismissed if they are below the degree of concern, but higher levels could cause considerable irritation on sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin may need to take note of this before buying the product.

Other Products on the Ole Henriksen Range

  • African Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser: Fortified with vitamin C, most reviewers have lauded this product for its gentleness on the skin.
  • Lip care: The African Tea Tree Exfoliating Lip Salvation is especially popular.
  • Truth sugar-glow polishing mask

Our Thought on Ole Henriksen Products

The prices are slightly higher, but you cannot put a price on a great product. The ingredients are good and environmentally friendly. The only issue that we may have concerns the orange fragrant. While it adds colour to the Ole Henriksen products, they would be healthier without it.


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