Kybella Review

Kybella is the name given to a new drug developed by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals and whose properties include that of dissolving fat cells. Administered as an injection, this product has been found to reduce the size of fat cells and is now being used to treat specific trouble areas, such as the double chin. According to recent research, the treatment has been shown to be an effective alternative to liposuction or fat-extracting surgery. However, other opinions suggest that there may be certain risks involved in the process as well. The following Kybella review will help you decide whether Kybella is a suitable treatment for your case.

All you need to Know

Only available through prescription, Kybella is a type of medicine that can only be administered in cosmetic clinics. In other words, it is not an at-home treatment that can be bought over the counter.

By imitating the properties of an already existing substance –deoxycholic acid- this drug was developed to absorb body fat almost naturally. Whereas deoxycholic acid is present in the human body in a natural way, Kybella is a synthetic form of fat-absorbing substance.

The treatment involves undergoing a series of injections administered in several sessions. Although each case is unique and treatments vary according to individual needs, the expected procedure includes a series of 12-20 injections per visit, with a total of two to three visits spaced a month apart. Finally, each session generally lasts for about 15 minutes.

Potential users should be made aware of the fact that even when certain reviews address the issue of skin tightening, Kybella has not been developed to treat wrinkles or saggy skin. Furthermore, its use is specifically targeted to people with excess fat in their chin areas. Certain trials however, have reported an increased skin tightening after the treatment has taken place, but this is not the main reason why specialists administer the treatment.

Advantages of Kybella

No Downtime

In many cosmetic practices, specialists are treating patients during their lunch hour. This means that patients can get back to their everyday activities right after each session. Specialists recommend icing the area right after the treatment in order to prevent possible swelling or bruising from happening.

No Anesthetics

Since only topical ointments are used, there is no risk involving the use of injectable anesthetics. Under no circumstances are patients put to sleep for this type of treatment.

Visible Results

Recent clinical trials reveal that patients who have been treated with Kybella saw their double chin go down up to 80%. This study included 1,000 people who underwent the whole treatment over a couple of months. Furthermore, you can find a lot of positive Kybella reviews online from people who have had the treatment.

Downsides of Kybella

May Impede Future Treatments

Those patients who are planning to get liposuction in the future should learn that Kybella may promote the formation of scar tissue, thus making liposuction difficult in the future. Since the long-term effects of Kybella’s fat-dissolving properties are yet not fully understood, there is no telling how the body will react to further treatments, should they be needed.

Does not Treat Neck Bands

Neck bands are caused by neck muscles that acquire prominence over time, those patients who present this condition will not profit from Kybella. In such cases, a surgical neck lift may be required.

Side Effects

Although not frequent, there are certain potential side effects that include nerve injury in the jaw – which may make swallowing, smiling or chewing challenging. Numbing, bruising, redness and swelling are some other possible side effects.

A Final Conclusion

People who have been concerned over their chin fat for years may now have an alternative to consider. Nonetheless, whether Kybella is the right treatment for your case or not will depend on your needs and above all, on sound medical advice.

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