Dr. Naomi

Dr. Naomi’s self-described “boutique cosmetic clinic” in a Sydney Suburb provides a myriad of cosmetic services including: laser treatments, dermal fillers and folds, skin treatments, injections, and addition treatments for skin damage, repair or improvement. Their services are mostly concentrated on facial repair but other services are available.

Information about Dr.Naomi’s Cosmetic Clinic

The Professionals:

Dr. Naomi, a founder of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia and local leader in cosmetic surgery, leads this clinic. Her experience includes work in successful cosmetic clinics in Sydney. Medical Spa MD praised her for “bridging the gap between old and new” in cosmetic practices.  She is a self-proclaimed cosmetic enhancement patient with a concern for the regulation of cosmetic services in Australia.

The team also includes John Obiri-Asare, a specialist in anti-wrinkle and skin treatments including: pealing, laser and resurfacing procedures. Laser treatment expert and facialist, Jennifer Ramos, offers services like tattoo removal and contouring. Finally, two newer hires, Alana and Chelsea, round out the team as they complete degrees in skin care and dermal therapies, respectively.

The Clinic:

Dr. Naomi’s clinic in the Sydney suburb of Paddington in 2002. It’s recognised for the “boutique” feel and standards for cleanliness and quality. Dr. Naomi has created a clinic with a garden or terrace feel.

The Services:

Dr. Naomi’s Cosmetic Clinic offers a wide array of services and treatments for skin improvement and cosmetic changes to facial features. The extensive list of treatments and outcomes makes it possible for Dr. Naomi and her team to find the right treatment for each patient. Many of the treatments are focused on returning skin a more youthful, less wrinkled condition. However, lip injections and facial contouring are also common. Additionally, consultation services can help answer questions concerning when to get treatment, at what frequency and what treatment might best serve a patient’s interest.

The most popular services are Dysport, Dermal Filler and Skin Boosters.  Dr. Naomi and most people in the cosmetic field promote education in understanding the products, brands and amounts being used in any treatment.

The Quality:

Dr. Naomi’s clinic is known for high-end, high-quality services. They promote quality regulation standards and conduct extensive research on every product and brand they use.

Dr. Naomi and her team each conduct a variety of procedures everyday. They all have specialties that they routinely perform although Dr. Naomi conducts and extensive amount of the services, personally. Their experience has created a lot of positive reviews and photos of successful procedures online.

The patients of Dr. Naomi are often cosmetic enthusiasts who regularly seek cosmetic services and treatments. They are well versed in cosmetic procedures and scrutinise every procedure. They consistently trust Dr. Naomi and continue to return the clinic. Dr. Naomi describes herself as a “beauty achiever” and has experience with using a myriad of techniques for achieving beauty goals.

The Review:

Dr.Naomi’s clinic has the experience and returning customers for anyone to feel confident in a cosmetic procedure done at the office. The prices are high and “boutique” but the quality matches the cost.

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