Clear Skincare Clinics

Clear Skincare Clinics provide extensive treatments for skin ailments and improvements in more than 35 locations in Australia. Their professional team specialises in acne treatment, hair removal and anti-ageing procedures using laser, rejuvenation and injection techniques.

The Team:

Dr. Philippa McCaffery founded Clear Skincare Clinics almost twenty years ago and the practice has now grown to over 35 locations in Australia. While the team at each location differs, the quality products, procedures and high expectations and extensive training of staff are common in every Clear Skincare Clinic.

Dr. McCaffery has over twenty years in the industry, has been a patient of cosmetic enhancements and was a pioneer in laser hair removal in Sydney, Australia.

The Location:

Each of the 35 locations is a little bit different to suit the needs of the client of the location and neighbourhood. However, each clinic is impeccably clean, has modern design, smooth procedures and convenient hours. Additionally, online booking and pricing is available on the Clear Skincare Clinic website.

Of course, in person consultations are also available as well as product purchases.

Clear Skincare Clinics are known for their convenient locations and quick appointments. Return customers appreciate the speed and accessibility of the professionals at Clear Skincare Clinics but do not boast about the design of the location.

The Services:

Check online for the exact services offered at your location because there is some variability in the each location’s options. Most commonly, Clear Skincare Clinics offer laser treatments for improvement and removal, microdermabrasion, light therapy, skin peels, injections for anti-ageing, rejuvenation treatments, needling services, skin resurfacing and, Dr. McCaffery’s own, acne treatments.

The acne treatments and skin peels are the most popular. Each clinic also carries a line of skin creams, lotions and daily treatments for customer purchase.

An in-person or online survey is used to identify skin needs and possible treatments for each patient. Consultations then decide how best to proceed for each person’s needs.

The Quality:

Promoting quick and harmless procedures, Clear Skincare Clinics offer the seamless as opposed to the experience. The large expansion of clinics suggests a strong following of trusting clients and quality products.

Clear Skincare Clinics advertise “quick, safe and effective” procedures. They are mostly known for their convenient and swift practices as opposed to luxurious or designer procedures.

The products offered at Clear Skincare Clinics are designed by or approved by Dr. McCaffery. Clear Skincare Clinics offer a more limited but still effective line of procedures and products.

Most of their positive reviews surround their services combating acne and other skin conditions. The procedures have been touted for their success with oily skin and large pore conditions, as well as anti-ageing. Laser skin removals are also some of the highest regarded in this treatment price range.

The unique SGA treatment promises to permanently remove acne. Bloggers and the beauty-minded agree that for zapping-sits, this treatment is genuinely impressive.

Clear Skincare Clinics offers fair prices for services and promote skincare help for everyone.

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