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Vampire Facial Review

Have you ever heard of the Vampire Facial? It sounds a little scary, but for people who want a more youthful appearance it’s has some fans. Try not to get it confused with the “Vampire Facelift” which uses needle injections. The Vampire Facial uses a needling device. Both use PRP or platelet rich plasma that is withdrawn from your own body. That’s where the “vampire” part comes into play. Plasma is made up of platelets that contain stem cells and growth factors. All of which come from your own blood. Try to ignore the slightly sinister aspect of the procedure, which is actually a fairly well respected anti-ageing treatment. The growth factors that are needled back into your skin help to generate fresh tissue. It’s that regeneration that is going to ideally look more youthful. That’s the goal of the procedure anyway. Here’s some other information about the Vampire Facial that will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Getting Ready For The Vampire Facial Procedure

When you are at the specialist’s office, they will take about a tablespoon of blood from your own body before starting the Vampire Facial. Then they subject it to a centrifuge to isolate certain compounds in the plasma. Your skin is then essentially resurfaced with a micro needling pen. It’s meant to give the skin a rosy, youthful glow that as we age tends to diminish. Picture how fresh and plump young skin looks. A Vampire Facial is trying to recreate this effect.

Many vampire facial reviews say that it’s a highly effective procedure that other than the initial blood draw is comfortable to undergo. There’s not much difference between this kind of facial and other specialised ones, as far as how the procedure feels while it’s happening.

The Results You Can Expect

Not only does the Vampire Facial give you a renewed glow, but it can also re-texturise the skin, make it more even in tone, and reduce the appearance of old acne scars. Large pores and fine lines are also less noticeable. So in that one treatment, you can receive results that are fairly extraordinary. Supple, healthy looking skin that is brighter and radiant.

Mild redness might occur after the treatment, but it should go away after 24-48 hours. It all depends on how sensitive your skin is to the procedure. The microneedles are causing tiny injuries to the skin tissue, which in turn causes your skin to produce new collagen and elastin fibers in the healing process. Collagen is the backbone of younger looking skin. People naturally lose collagen as we age, so our skin doesn’t regenerated itself effectively. The Vampire Facial aims to correct this natural process by essentially tricking the skin. It does work, making the skin look revitalised.

The Frequency Of A Vampire Facial

You can undergo this anti-ageing treatment every 4-6 weeks. Most specialists recommend that you let the skin rest between procedures, but that a series of four Vampire Facials is going to give you the best results.

The biggest problem some people have with the procedure isn’t how it feels, or the blood aspect, but the sound of the micro needling device is rather loud. It’s similar to how a dentist’s drill can sound, which makes some people anxious. You can always bring music and headphones if you think that would relax you during the treatment. The specialist usually applies a cooling mask afterward to reduce the redness.

During the microneedling portion, you shouldn’t feel anything more than gentle manipulation of the skin. It’s certainly not painful. Plus, your skin is going to feel smooth as silk with a glow that’s hard to beat with the Vampire Facial

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