The Cosmetic Institute

The Cosmetic Institute Review

Clinics are located in Parramatta and Sydney, Australia

The Cosmetic Institute focuses on several face and body plastic surgery procedures for female and male patients of all ages. With over 5000 procedures done each year, it is one of the biggest plastic surgery clinics in the country.

The Team:

  • Dr. A. Huy Tang: Specialises in body contouring surgery and breast implants.
  • Dr. Farheen Ali: Specialises in Breast Cancer Surgery.
  • Dr. Jim Kenny: Specialises in reconstructive surgery and breast implants.
  • Dr. Daniel Kwok: Specialises in breast implant and reconstructive surgery.
  • Dr. Victor Lee: Specialises in breast implant surgery.
  • Dr. Charles Chi-Vien Duong: Specialises in breast augmentation surgery.
  • Dr. Van Nguyen: Specialises in detection and surgical treatment of skin cancer.
  • Dr. Sri Darshn: Specialises in breast and facial surgery.
  • Dr. Napoleon Chiu: Specialises in breast implant surgery.

All the surgeons in The Cosmetic Institute have been trained and mentored by Dr. Eddy Dona, one of best plastic surgeons in Australia.

The Cosmetic Institute’s team is completed by experienced anaesthesiologists, nurses and consultants.

The Facilities:

The Cosmetic Institute’s mission is to offer affordable cosmetic surgery within Australia, so that patients can have procedures close to their own homes, with the support of friends and family. The clinic’s waiting, pre-procedure and recovery areas are comfortable, private and discrete.

Services offered:

The Cosmetic Institute specialises in the following procedures:

– Liposuction: This common procedure removes fat cells permanently from your body, helping patients loose weight, contour their bodies, make patients look younger and remove stubborn fat such as love handles, stomach, upper arms and chin fat.

– Gastric Balloon: Following the TCI Medical Weight Loss program, a soft silicone balloon is filled with sterile saline and inserted temporarily into the stomach, where it remain for 6 months. With help from The Cosmetic Institute consultants and personal trainers, the Gastric Balloon helps control portion size, loose and maintain weight loss.

– Labiaplasty (or Vaginal Rejuvenation): The Cosmetic Institute has surgeons specialised in this procedure, which consists in removing irregularly shaped or excess labial tissue from the inner lips of the vagina. This can help patients gain self esteem and feelings of insecurity, while reducing irritation, friction or other uncomfortable sensations experienced during sexual intercourse.

– Blepharoplasty (or eyelid rejuvenation): Since sagging eyelids are a visible sign of ageing, by doing this simple procedure on the patients’ upper eyelids, the eye contour will look rejuvenated since it targets excess fat, skin and muscles. Blepharoplasty corrects hooded eyes and puffiness, as well as helping improve vision significantly.

– Breast Implants: This procedure helps alter the size (including cleavage size) of breasts, improve the shape (with younger looking, perkier breasts as a result), accentuate the contour (giving the breasts a better silhouette), restore the symmetry, and revive breast volume that might have been lost after pregnancy or breast feeding.

All procedure fees in The Cosmetic Institute include surgical fees, hospital fees, aesthetic fees and follow up appointments.

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