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Review of Synergie Skin

Synergie Skin is an increasingly active range of skincare products that can be found mostly in selected salon and spas. Designed to cater for most skin needs and wants, this range offers a wide variety of cosmetic products, such as cleansers, moisturisers and serums. In addition, this brand features some of the latest active ingredients known to the beauty industry; that is, the Clean Science Method, which has gained popularity as of late mainly due to its innocuous formula that does not contain any toxic or questionable ingredients.  Because of its exclusive formula, Synergie Skin has been reviewed as being one of the most efficient lines of cosmeceuticals available these days.

Meet the Brand

Founded in Australia by biological scientist and cosmetic expert, Terri Vinson back in 2005, Synergie Skin became highly popular all throughout Hong Kong and the US. It was not until 2014 however that the brand hit the European market, thus setting a new standard as far as skin care products is concerned.

The brand’s popularity can be best explained in terms of the underlying philosophy: using the latest scientific discoveries and cosmeceutical technology combined with the purest, less polluted natural ingredients. According to manufacturers, the combination is simple, yet highly effective.

Meet the Ingredients

All products in the Synergie Skin range have been made with a wide variety of products that include both, the most essential ones to the latest synthetic developments. According to some of the most leading skin specialists around the globe, Synergie Skin has managed to come up with formulas that include pure vitamins, such as A, B or C. Moreover, these products contain a broad spectrum physical sunblock, which is unusual in most other cosmetics available on the market these days. These are the most outstanding ingredients:

  • JuveFoxo: An innovative peptide whose properties include providing cells with a youth code that allows for cellular restructuring.
  • Phycosaccharide A1: A complex sugar that boosts the skin’s stem cells in order to reconstruct the very skin core, thus restoring skin imperfections.
  • TryLagen: Helpful to increase collagen production.
  • Snap 8: Designed to work like anti-wrinkle injections, this toxin relaxes facial muscles.
  • Hyanify: Hyaluronic acid booster

Meet the Products

Offering a wide variety of alternatives, the Synergie Skin range’s most widely-sought after products can be divided into the following categories: cleansers, serums, astringents, moisturisers, exfoliates, body lotions, recovery and introductory kits.

Pros of the Synergie Skin Series


Each ingredient has not only been carefully chosen, but also thoroughly tried and tested by using cutting edge technology. Finally, scientific rigor seems to have permeated each stage of the production. From product design to development and packaging, all aspects abide by the strictest controls.


Another reason that accounts for the wide number of fans is the company’s environmental concerns. For one thing, none of these products have been tried on animals. Similarly, all products are clean of toxic or questionable ingredients.


Because the Synergie Skin range provides such a varied range, users can rest assured that they will find a product made to meet their demands, whatever these may be.

Cons of Synergie Skin

So far, there have been very few, if any reports of side effects linked to the use of any of the products in the Synergie Skin product range.


A few customers however, have expressed their concerns over the issue of pricing. Since most treatments include using several of these items, many people may find it challenging to face the costs of purchasing various products simultaneously.

Our Final Words

Overall, those looking for the best treatment will find in the Synergie Skin series an effective aid to deal with most common skin concerns.

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