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Origins Skin Care Review

Origins Skin Care is a US-based cosmetic brand whose name is an important part of one of the several original brands of the Estée Lauder Companies. Founded back in 1990 by Leonard Lauder, son of the celebrated Estée Lauder, Origins Skin Care is also notable for its ongoing cooperation with Dr. Andrew Weil whose own line of products has become popular for targeting symptoms common in sensitive skin, such as inflammation. The following review has been conceived to help readers get a better picture of this brand and whether it may be the right choice for their needs.

Meet the Products

Origins Skin Care has launched several lines of products over the past decade, all targeting different types of public with various needs. Back in November 2007, the company presented the first organic line of skin products known to carry a 95% organic USDA certification seal. A few years later, in February 2011 Origins launched their most popular product: an anti-ageing serum called Happy Birthday “Plantscription”, which is still advertised as being the number one rival to the leading anti-wrinkle prescription retinoid cream. Finally, in June 2015 the Origins Skin Care line presented a new skin care collection addressing the effects of global pollution called “Three Part Harmony” whose aim was to raise awareness of pollution worldwide. As part of its recent challenges, the brand has broadened its scope to include a new collection that would target the needs of the younger public; this is blemishes, enlarged pores, roughened skin, breakouts and overall loss of skin brightness.

Origins Skin Care Positives

Reliable Manufacturing

Most Origins Skin Care advocates stress the company’s well-known quality. To begin with, most ingredients listed in each item’s label have been thoroughly tried and tested. Boasting an ISO 14001 certification, this line of cosmetics has a history of well-researched ingredients. The brand’s rejuvenating serum for instance; is still one of the most prestigious products and has been proven to treat facial wrinkles and expression lines quite effectively. Furthermore, this item is also known for contributing to a firmer skin and more even tone.

Natural Ingredients

Due to the company’s underlying belief in sustainability, each product has been carefully designed to make the most of the best natural ingredients provided by nature. Users needn’t possess a clinical eye to notice the variety of natural products present in each product label. Some of the most widely-used ingredients are: watermelon, rose of Jericho, Lychee or Japanese seaweed, among many others.


The entire Origins Skin Care line of products is available in elegant, yet attractive packaging. All items offer clear descriptions with a detailed label informing shoppers about their contents. Reviewers would also seem to value the product’s pumps and dosing presentations that allow for a more efficient use.

Cons of Origins Skin Care

One not enough

Since Origins Skin Care is a line of cosmetics rather than a single product itself, it is only natural for the company to promote their entire range of products. This means that if you are interested in tackling the whole ageing issue, you should be prepared to buy more than one product in order to achieve the results advertised on the company’s webpage. In fact, experience shows that the average number of products is three –for example, a day moisturiser, a serum and a night moisturiser- just to get you started.


Once and again, because Origins Skin Care is a product line, users will find themselves spending more than they may have originally intended to. Even when the products’ price may be affordable, purchasing three or four items at a time may not.

Final Considerations

Origins Skin Care line makes an optimal resource for those who are looking for high-quality products that are still affordable enough. For those who are trying to avoid more invasive treatments in the short run, Origins Skin Care could be a great brand to shop.

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