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Dr. Jart Skincare Review

In 2004, the Dr. Jart brand, out of Korea, launched its first revolutionary skin serum to improve the signs of ageing. Since then, it has become an industry household name noted in various websites and publications. Dermatologists employing innovative practices and science design all the products. Skincare specialists and Sephora and Ulta sing the brand’s praises but this review will help you decide before you buy Dr. Jart products.

Positive aspects of Dr. Jart Skincare

Easy to Purchase:

Dr. Jart Skincare is an international brand with products in stores across the globe. In the United States, the skincare line is found in stores like Sephora and from online companies like Birchbox, but they’ve also partnered with Boots and other reliable skincare outlets in a myriad of countries. The product line is also available and reviewed online.

Dryness Fighters:

The Dr. Jart website boasts treatments and creams for a variety of conditions and skin ailments. However, consumers with dry skin most frequently tout the products. Some of the products have an intense amount of ceramides, lipid molecules that dry skin is usually lacking. People prone to dryness and red patches see impressive results with the Dr. Jart line of skincare.


Dr. Jart products are reasonably priced, especially considering the impressive following Dr. Jart has in the skincare community. Most products fall below the mid-range price points. However, some reviewers complained that the price increases quickly because most products have a partner product or range of products making individual purchases less likely and the overall cost higher than it seems.

The negative sides of Dr. Jart Skincare

Not for oily skin:

Dry skin suffers are singing the praises of various Dr. Jart products. They claim their redness and patchy skin condition can subside in a matter of days. Unfortunately, reviewers that a prone to more normal oily skin found the Dr. Jart products to be overly oily and left a slick feeling to their skin. This was particularly true with the moisturisers and BB cream.

Negative reactions:

Many reviewers of Dr. Jart moisturisers and SPF creams indicated that while their skin was hydrated, after a few days of use they noticed negative reaction in their skin. Most notably, a variety of users reported acne breakouts and blemishes after using Dr. Jart moisturisers for a few days. Additionally, some reviewers indicated their skin didn’t improve as promised, specifically they didn’t see a reduction of blackheads or breakouts.

Product Variety and pairing:

Of course a brand that has it all is great when shopping for skincare products but the Dr. Jart list of products can be overwhelming. It seems as though the brand has developed a product and something to pair with the product for everything. Shopping for Dr. Jart products probably means you’ll need to consult with a skincare professional or specialist to understand what will really improve your skin conditions without going bankrupt.

Product to try from Dr. Jart Skincare

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid:

This serum goes on light and fresh but truly attacks dry and flaky skin that is common in the winter. This product is a Sephora fan favourite and reviewers claim that it transforms even the most difficult and dry skin. The brand claims that this serum will stop early signs of ageing with intense hydration. For the most part, users love that it can be applied without leaving them greasy.

Our final word on Dr. Jart Skincare

We’re fans of Dr. Jart skincare for a winter regimen. The great price and positive results are undeniable but the many reviews reporting oiliness and breakouts keep us from recommending this product year-round.

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