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Clear Complexions Clinics Review

Clear Complexions is a network of committed skin care professionals serving communities in Sydney and Canberra. Treating a myriad of skin conditions with only the highest quality products and procedures, they have solutions for your skin woes and questions.

The Professionals:

Founded by Suzie Holtnik, after she searched for solutions to her own chronic acne and skin pigmentation, The Clinic is committed finding skin answers for every ailment and treating each patient individually. Clear Complexions opened the first clinic in 2005 and has since grown to six locations. Each location has been awarded for impeccable client service. Grazia Magazine also named Suzie as “the #1 name you can trust for specialist services”. Fashion magazines like Australian Vogue and Cosmopolitan also praised her knowledge and commitment to the industry.

Each professional treating patients at one of the Clear Complexions locations is a certified doctor or nurse. They provide clinical care for skin improvement and chronic conditions and are committed to consistently updating their medical training for professional care.

The Services:

Every Clear Complexions patient receives a skin analysis to help decide which treatments and products will serve the client best. In addition to topical treatments, Clear Complexions offers a variety of injectable and dermal filler options for anti-ageing treatments. Additionally, with a founder committed to laser technology as opposed to surgery, each location offers a myriad of laser options for treatment. Clear + Brilliant treatment and chemical peels offer customers the opportunity to refresh damaged skin. Omnilux medical treatments are praised for their ability to remove acne, reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles and decrease redness and rosacea.
The Procedure: At Clear Complexions, each patient is treated as an individual. As such, upon arrival, each client receives an in-depth skin analysis before proceeding to treatments. This analysis includes skin samples and tests and goes beyond a superficial consultation so they can be sure to promote the procedures that suit you best and that won’t create additional skin problems.

The Technology:

Clear Complexions focuses on medical treatments for skin conditions. As such, they are always working to learn and use the most up-to-date products and technologies to offer the best solution for your skin procedures and treatments.

The Final Verdict:

If you are like Suzie was and feel like you have tried everything for your skin condition or ailment, this is probably the place for you. The staff is committed to alternative solutions and innovative care. Additionally, they have experience with the frustration that can come with continued skin problems. With empathy, knowledge and sincere passion for skincare, the professionals at Clear Complexions work tirelessly to find solutions to the toughest skincare cases. However, this is not a surgical clinic or cosmetic clinic and those types of services aren’t provided by Clear Complexions.

The Extra:

In addition to being considered a “rock star” at skin care conferences, Suzie also publishes a skincare magazine called, “Inner Confidence”. In the magazine, she portrays well-known celebrities with a view of their own vulnerabilities and difficulties. She declares this as her inspiration to dig deep and continue the work she started.

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