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Our Acne Cream Review

Acne is perhaps one of the most frequent skin issues addressed by skin specialists worldwide. It should come as no surprise then that an acne cream is often one of the most powerful weapons in every skin beauty fan’s arsenal.

Acne cream is available in many presentations and though many different brand names. Whereas some cases require prescription medication, others do just well with an over-the-counter commercial acne cream that has been designed to target the most common symptoms linked to this skin condition.

Prescription Acne Cream: The Advantages

The reasons that most often drive patients to a skin specialist’s office can be listed in the following order: chronic cases that have not responded to commercial brands and in the second place, patients who are looking for a more customized treatment that will address their case and those who wish to avoid the risks of experimenting.

Whatever the case, professional consultation before purchasing any type of acne cream has been proved to be effective. Undergoing treatment with a product that has been dermatologically tested and tried offers patients the chance to enhance their recovery possibilities.

Once the skin health professional has gotten a better picture of the patient’s needs, the right acne treatment can be either recommended or else created to suit each individual case. This can be better understood when it comes to assessing side effects. For instance, some acne treatments have been found to be somewhat invasive or even aggressive. It is often for a prescription acne cream to contain high levels of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which may eventually turn out to be dangerous if used in high concentrations. When these products however, are administered by a dermatologist, they are gradually introduced according to each patient’s individual response.

The Cons

The Time Factor:

However, since it is a well-known fact that professional consultation means spending time between skin care facilities, some potential patients opt for the self-medication road. Besides, prescription treatments are on the whole lengthier than using commercial products that sometimes promise quick fixes.

Financial Constrains:

Prescription acne treatments can be significantly more expensive. Plus, patients should consider the cost of the professional consultation besides transportation costs that may add up to the original cost of the treatment itself. Finally, these types of treatments often take some time before results can be actually seen – even when the results are generally longer-lasting. This is another reason that accounts for the large number of customers who go for the commercial over-the-counter acne cream.

Over-the-Counter Acne Creams

What’s to like?

Many people prefer commercial brands of acne creams because they are easily accessible since no visit to a medical practitioner is required in order to get a prescription. In addition, most OTC acne treatment products are more attractive than medication products whose names are harder to remember.

Finally, it is because of massive advertising that some commercial acne lotions become popularised. By promising fast, hassle-free results, these products attract customers almost massively.

On the Other Hand

Nevertheless, commercial products are sometimes unreliable. According to leading market research, the typical non-prescription acne cream may seem to work in the beginning. However, when it comes to achieving definite results, prescription products have been found to be longer – lasting as far as results is concerned.

Finally, even when a prescription acne cream may appear to be more expensive, its cost is eventually lower than the total amount spent on experimenting with various products that do not work.

There is a third group however, that prefers a more invasive, yet highly effective type of treatment. These days, microdermabrasion is sometimes preferred; especially in those cases in which scars or skin pigmentation are extreme. On such occasions, the regular acne cream may be insufficient.

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